Don’t Let Your Hands Give You Away

Be ready for your “surprise” engagement ring this Holiday Season by having Instagram-worthy hands. 

There will be lots of memory-making photos of the newly engaged couple – and the beautiful ring! Do you have a feeling you are going to be receiving a ring over the holidays? Are your hands ready for all that spotlight?

There’s no question; your hands reveal a great deal about you. Sun damage, nutritional imbalance, your age, your interests, your attention to self-care, and your overall health show on your hands.

You use your hands to communicate, and your hands are often the first part of you that people touch when they meet you.

Is your skin rough or soft? Is it blemished or smooth? Plump or wrinkled?

In this era, the average age for couples to marry is 33. They’ve had time to travel, to build careers, and to prepare themselves to settle down with someone special. 

However, beginning as early as your thirties, the backs of your hands start to show signs of aging. With decrease in collagen, the volume is lost, and wrinkles appear. Photodamage from the sun leaves hyperpigmentation and sunspots on your skin.

At LiveYoung Medical, we have solutions and treatments for aging hands that will give you the confidence to show off your new engagement ring.

Juvéderm® Volite:

One of the most effective treatments for restoring youthful elasticity and plumpness to aging hands is Juvéderm® Volite. Part of the world-renowned Juvéderm® family of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, Volite is an injectable gel that, unlike typical dermal fillers, works on improving the condition and quality of the skin. 

This skin-quality correcting injectable treatment visibly improves elasticity and hydration in addition to the appearance of crepiness, roughness, and dryness. Results are stunning and last for 6 – 9 months. Treatment is quick and easy. Your comfort level is managed well by topical numbing cream which is applied for a few minutes before your treatment begins. 


IPL (intense Pulsed Light) treatments reverse photodamage (sunspots, age spots, and hyperpigmentation). In as few as three sessions that last about 15 minutes each, your hands will be much more uniform in colour.

Fractional resurfacing with SmartXide DOT:

DOT Therapy is a safe and effective procedure for the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, acne scars, stubborn pigmentation, enlarged pores, rough texture, and skin laxity. It works by breaking down old, dysfunctional collagen and stimulating the production of new, robust collagen. This CO2 resurfacing laser treatment can lighten deep, stubborn pigment that IPL cannot reach.

Essential Skin Care:

We take time to protect and nourish the skin on our face, neck, and décolleté, but often forget to care for our hands. 

The skin on the backs of our hands is more susceptible to UV damage than any other area. Add to that the daily harm caused by hand sanitizers, detergents, household cleansers, and elements in your work environment, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Mitigate the damage and improve your chances for smooth, youthful, blemish-free hands with these tips:

Christmas is the most popular time of year for proposals. If you think this might be YOUR year, make sure your hands are as beautiful as your new ring is sure to be!

Live Young Medical is here to help you achieve your dream of beautiful proposal-ready hands.

Contact us today for a consultation.

Are Spider Veins Forcing You To Hide Your Legs?

 Spiders like to hide out, but you don’t have to!

Those colourful bursts of spidery veins that adorn the thighs and calves of both women and men as young as 20 can often cause embarrassment.

The wavy lines of purple, red, and blue gradually appear near the surface of the skin and stay there. And they don’t exactly blend in with your skin tone or cover easily with makeup.

Many people who have spider veins feel forced to cover their legs with long pants or skirts. They may slather on self-tanner in an attempt to camouflage them or spend hours in the sun trying deliberately to tan which not only doesn’t work but accelerates skin aging! 

Not your best look, is it?

You work hard to look after your health and skin and to keep your legs toned. It doesn’t seem right. Let’s find out what causes vein disease, particularly spider veins, and learn what can be done to help you look and feel better.

The good news is that Dr. Maureen Sweeney treats patients with spider veins at Live Young Medical in Sidney, B.C. 

Book a consultation.

How vein disease develops

Your heart pumps oxygen and nutrient-rich blood throughout your body via your arteries. The blood returns to your heart via the veins. Veins have valves that help to regulate the flow in one direction, but sometimes the valves weaken, causing blood to leak back down the vein instead of flowing forward to your heart. 

Over time the walls of the veins weaken and cause them to dilate and multiply on the skin surface.

Do you have spider veins or varicose veins?

Spider veins or telangiectasia or reticular veins, as they are known medically, affect 60% of the population, predominantly women. 

They usually appear as fine lines just beneath the skin in colours of red or purple and may resemble tree branches or spider webs. Spider veins are most commonly seen on the legs and sometimes the face but unlike varicose veins, they do not make the skin bulge out.

Why me? 

Heredity is the most common risk for spider and varicose veins. If your mother or grandmother had spider veins you are more likely to have them too. Before you get upset with your genes, however, there are other ways you could have acquired these colourful but unwanted designs on your skin.

Conditions that restrict your circulation cause veins to swell. A sedentary lifestyle, sitting or standing all day, being overweight, and pregnancy can all affect your venous circulation. 

The hormone estrogen may weaken vein valves and lead to varicose veins. This is why it is thought to be more common in women. The high estrogen and progesterone in pregnancy as well as the added pressure in the pelvis are why they multiply at this time. Using hormonal birth control or taking menopausal hormone therapy may aggravate your risk of varicose or spider veins.

What is the treatment for spider veins?

The typical and most effective treatment is to inject these small veins with a solution that irritates the lining of the vein causing it to seal off. This procedure is called sclerotherapy.

Dr. Sweeney administers a series of injections into the veins using tiny needles. The number of sessions needed depends on how extensive the vein matting is. Usually six sessions are necessary with annual retreatment in people who do not have significant deeper varicose veins. 

The treated veins will disappear over weeks and months however, about 10% of people may not respond.  Retreatment over the years is needed because the underlying vein disease continues and forms new dilated veins. Prevention and slowing the progress of this problem include avoiding aggravators such as prolonged sitting or standing. Some professions and lifestyles make this unavoidable so wearing compression socks or stockings can not only relieve the aching and swelling that can accompany poor circulation in the veins but can also slow progression.

The treatment is mildly uncomfortable. For the best results, you will need to walk after the treatments. Side effects of treatment may include an allergic reaction, redness, itching, bruising, swelling, ulceration, and new telangiectasia, which typically resolve within 6 months. 

Although you cannot be pregnant or nursing at the time of treatment, it is no longer necessary to wait until your childbearing years are over to have sclerotherapy.

At Live Young Medical, Dr. Maureen Sweeney provides treatment with sclerotherapy for spider veins.

Book a consultation to find out more.

Learn more about Telangiectasias – Spider Veins

The Real Secret of Beauty Lies In Balance

Do you ever gaze into the mirror and pull the loose skin on your face back a bit just to see how you would look if there were more fullness, less sagging – fewer wrinkles?

We all do it. Even celebrities who look amazing in front of the camera pull and tug a little here and there to put everything back to where it was ten years ago. 

Ah, the age-old pursuit of beauty. 

The cosmetic industry thrives on our innate desire to look good.

Cosmetics go a long way to help enhance our best features, but they can’t do everything – and they shouldn’t have to! In reality, a human being’s perception of beauty is based on facial symmetry and balance and, believe it or not, this is actually something we often process subconsciously. 

Simply put, when one’s lower face is in balance with his/her mid and upper face, the overall appearance is perceived as more attractive.

Maybe you’ve always had a small chin or receding jawline and thought that a little more something in that area of your face would help.

You could be right. A face, whether it be male or female, falls out of harmony as a whole when the chin is too short, too narrow, or recessed.

Studies show that a strong chin is viewed as beautiful or handsome, and socially attributed to strength and confidence. A less-defined chin is perceived to convey weakness, especially in men.

Ouch. Does that mean the only fix is a surgical chin implant or jaw reconstruction? 

Dr. Maureen Sweeney of LiveYoung Medical has the (happy) answer to that question:

“Historically, aesthetic medicine focused on surgical solutions to achieve facial balance, particularly for structural regions such as the chin and jawline. Now we have an effective, safe, non-surgical solution that provides natural and individualized results with virtually no downtime and only minimal recovery needed.” 



If you haven’t heard of JUVÉDERM® VOLUX™, it may be because it was just approved for use in Canada in June 2019.

Dr. Sweeney, who has been working with the JUVEDERM® family of dermal fillers since 2004, believes that JUVÉDERM® VOLUX™ is a significant addition to her treatment protocol. 

“JUVÉDERM® VOLUX™ offers lift and projection while remaining elastic and mouldable, qualities that are necessary for results that look and feel natural.” 

Dr. Sweeney approaches her patients with an aesthetic eye. There is both artistry and skill in achieving a balanced face.

“In women, the ideal lower face shape displays a defined curve of the jawline with a clear distinction between the jaw, chin, and neck. The appearance is one that is soft but distinct, not too square or round. The chin should be firm and toned, with a smooth finish, nothing hanging, not too pointed, and delicately rounded. The face can be oval, round, heart, or diamond-shaped, but it should be balanced.

This hyaluronic acid dermal filler, JUVÉDERM® VOLUX™ is designed to contour, shape, and sculpt the chin and jawline using carefully injected and placed volumizer gel. Depending on a patient’s anatomy and wishes, injections of JUVÉDERM® VOLUX™ can add length and projection to the chin and also contour the definition of the jawline,” said Dr. Sweeney.

The results are excellent and last up to 24 months. 

Patients are thrilled with their non-surgically balanced and symmetrical looks. Satisfaction rates are 94% after three months and remain high at 80% at 18 months post-injection. 

That is a lot of happily balanced faces! 

Would you like to learn more?

It is essential to book a consultation to plan treatment and review recovery precautions.

The same considerations apply to treatment with JUVDERM® VOLUX™ as with the other JUVÉDERM® hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. 

Treatments are individual, and results can vary. Adverse effects are typically mild and short-lived and may include bruising with discoloration, tenderness, and swelling. Patients, however, rate discomfort on average as very manageable. 

Facial Rejuvenation with BOTOX COSMETIC® and JUVÉDERM® Dermal Filler- a Global Approach.

In this post, Dr. Maureen Sweeney describes her consultation with and treatment of Iris, the Live Young Medical administrative assistant and person everyone meets when they come to the clinic.

During their consultation, Iris explained to Dr. Sweeney that her tired demeanour contradicted her inner feelings of vibrancy and youth.

“The way I looked did not reflect the youthfulness I felt inside. Preferring a ‘fresh’ face, I found myself wanting to ‘cover-up’ with makeup, which did not help. I started to feel more and more invisible, and I began to feel self-conscious about putting myself out there.”

Iris wanted to look fresher and younger, but she did not want a surgical facelift. Dr. Sweeney provided an excellent non-surgical alternative, a complete facial rejuvenation with BOTOX COSMETIC® and JUVÉDERM® dermal filler.

Dr. Maureen Sweeney describes the procedures and treatments:

We start all treatments with a thorough evaluation, beginning with a global assessment of a patient’s full face and upper neck. The first step involves assessing balance and proportion by dividing the face into the upper, middle, and lower thirds. We consider factors such as:  are the patient’s facial features in balance, or is one part – such as the chin – too small or recessed? Is the face too square or gaunt?

I ask what are the patient’s assets? These can be features such as lips or eyes that we want to showcase.

I also ask about a patient’s emotive aspects – How do they feel? What do they project to others with their facial expressions, both at rest and with movement?

Does the patient appear tired, sad, angry, saggy, worn out, unapproachable?

We ask, too, which areas are of the deepest concern for the patient? What does the patient want? It is common for us to focus on lines, wrinkles, and folds, but ultimately what we all want is to look relaxed, tighter, slimmer, more attractive, happy, and approachable. Women often want to look softer and more beautiful, and men more firm and masculine.

A comprehensive treatment approach is broken down into the following components and I  will typically address each of these in separate treatment sessions.

  1. Treatment of dynamic characteristics
  2. Foundation
  3. Contour
  4. Refinement

We develop our treatment strategy by first addressing a patient’s most prominent, dynamic characteristics– those movements that cause not just wrinkles and lines but unintentional communications such as appearing stressed or unfriendly.

When Iris’s facial features are at rest, she looks tired and sad, and her skin appears saggy, but when she smiles, all of these expressions are reversed. This reversal is an asset that tells us that if we limit her negative dynamic expressions, such as frowning and pouting – she will look less sad. Also, elevating her brows and opening up her eye area will make her look refreshed and less saggy around her eyes.

We can achieve this improvement with BOTOX COSMETIC® treatment.

Iris B A 1 front

Iris B A 1 Pout

Iris B A 1 sideJPG

“I was excited to know that there was something other than a facelift that would help me. I trusted Dr. Sweeney to use what she felt was the best approach to helping me feel and look my best.”  -Iris


The next steps in a full face rejuvenation use JUVÉDERM® dermal filler to further address our patient’s concerns and feelings about looking less tired, sad, and saggy.

Foundation treatments are those that create the most impact, as they build the structure of the face in the same way that foundations and framing define the form of a home.

Typically, in foundation treatments, JUVÉDERM® dermal filler is placed in the cheeks, temples, and portions of the chin. The cheeks and temples lift the brow, midface, lower face, and chin placements address facial proportion and shape. JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA® is the dermal filler best suited for treatments such as this, where we want lift. Foundation treatments are usually completed in session two.


The next step, usually completed in session three, is to improve the contours of the cheek, jaw line, and chin and further address facial proportions. In both women and men, this can include defining the jaw line, improving the projection of the chin, building further height in the cheekbones, and softening remaining hollows, thus recreating the natural fullness of a youthful face.

JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA® has also been the usual treatment choice for facial contouring.

Where we need even more structure and projection such as for the jaw line and chin, we use JUVÉDERM® VOLUXTM .

Iris B A 2 front

Iris B A 2 side

Iris B A 2 smile

“As excited as I was to have everything done all in one session, I also appreciated the staging approach. It allowed me to notice how each treatment made me look fresher than before, and I saw how the procedures supported each other. Each stage was subtle, yet enough for my family and friends to say, ‘What’s different? You look really good.’ And I felt good, too!” -Iris


Refinement treatments add the finishing touches treating areas such as under-eye hollowing, lips, and nasolabial folds. Refinement is also the stage where we address asymmetry. This is often completed in the fourth treatment session.

Here, the range of choice available within the JUVÉDERM® suite are an advantage, offering softer fillers such as JUVÉDERM®, VOLIFT®, and VOLBELLA® that are best suited for the finishing touches.

In Summary:

We achieve non-surgical and natural-looking results by addressing the whole face, using a global treatment approach rather than focusing on one or two features such as nasolabial folds or marionette lines which are common bothersome areas.

Iris’s BOTOX COSMETIC® treatments targeted her forehead frown lines, crow’s feet, chin pebbling, and the muscles that pulled down the corners of her mouth.

Foundation treatments included treating with JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA®, over her cheekbones, temples, and chin. Contour treatment involved using a combination of JUVÉDERM®, VOLUMA®, VOLIFT®, and VOLUXTM  facial fillers for further lifting her cheekbone – also known as the “top model” look,  filling in lost fat in her mid-cheek area, and further defining her jawline.

The refinement touches included adding another layer to her cheeks, filling the nasolabial folds and under-eye hollows, and plumping her lips using JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA®, VOLIFT®, and VOLBELLA®.

Iris B A 3 front

Iris B A 3 side

Iris B A 3 front final

“I feel happier about myself now because maturing gracefully, to me, means taking care of my mind, body, spirit, and appearance so that I feel the best I can at every age.” -Iris

Testosterone Is the Key To a Man’s Optimal Health and Quality of Life

ly testosterone 1

Testosterone’s reputation for being abused by bodybuilders and athletes and promoting aggressive behaviour frequently eclipses its more critical role in wellbeing and its function in fostering good health. 

As we all know, testosterone contributes to what “makes a man a man”, and it is essential to healthy development and reproductive function. It also continues to be critical throughout the lifespan in preserving health and influencing factors important in the quality of life, such as energy, drive, mental capacity, and mood. 

ly testosterone 2

Testosterone decreases with age and environmental factors

Testosterone levels fall with age, on average, about 1-2% per year; The Massachusetts Male Aging Study found a 23% decline in free testosterone for each decade.1

Additionally, recent research tracking men through 1987-2004 indicates that testosterone levels are falling at increasing rates beyond what can be explained by age alone.2 This reduction may be due to several factors, including rising obesity rates and the widespread exposure to the hormone-disrupting effects from the many chemicals in our industrialized environment.  

Between ages 43 and 70 men can lose, on average, 2 inches in height, 15% of bone density and 10-20 pounds of muscle. These are the outward signs; On the inside, blood sugar and insulin rise, and unhealthy cholesterol levels develop as the body coats the organs in visceral fat, causing the arteries begin to thicken and then clog. 

The signs and symptoms of falling testosterone are often attributed to “normal aging” – weight gain, loss of energy, and interest in being physically active, thinning skin, declining libido, and erectile function.

If low testosterone is corrected, however, these problems improve. 

Although low testosterone is not the sole contributor to these age-related problems, its loss is a significant accelerant.

How blood testing reveals testosterone levels

Testing blood levels is an accurate way to measure testosterone values both as a baseline and as a means of tracking improvement. 

The most precise tests are the bioavailable testosterone (BAT) and the free testosterone (FT). 

In interpreting testosterone levels, overtly low levels occur in about 12% of men in their 50s and decrease with each decade to about 50% by age 80.3  But if symptoms are present, it’s not necessary to wait until testosterone drops below the normal range.  

Optimizing testosterone improves men’s quality of life

Restoring testosterone to the mid to upper end of the range can be achieved through direct replacement of testosterone or indirect hormone boosting; this decision depends on a patient’s age. The most effective approach for men over 50 is testosterone replacement. This can be done with gels or patches where the hormone is absorbed through the skin or by weekly injection. 

Lifestyle measures may also boost testosterone levels by about 10%, and this may be enough when the decline in testosterone levels is mild. Dietary changes such as losing weight, eating more protein, less sugar and refined carbohydrates, working out strenuously with heavy weights, and getting a solid night’s sleep may all help. 

As with estrogen replacement in women, testosterone optimization works best to offset the physiologic and psychological effects of aging when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Maureen Sweeney, Age Management Medicine

Live Young Medical Clinic, Sidney, BC.


1 Massachusetts Male Aging Study
2 The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism January 1, 2007 vol. 92 no. 1 196-202
3 Harman SM, Metter EJ, Tobin JD, Pearson J, Blackman MR. Longitudinal effects of aging on serum total and free testosterone levels in healthy men. Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2001; 86(2): 724-31.

Summer’s Over: Here’s How to Plan Your Aesthetic Wellness for Next Year

The sunny season has ended and the cooler autumn and winter months are beginning, but that means we get to prepare for next summer! The time indoors gives us the opportunity to prime and pamper our bodies until we can shed all the layers off again. It’s time to up the ante and take next year by storm.

If you have any questions about our services or would like to set up an appointment, at LiveYoung Medical, please contact us either by phone or email. Thirty-minute cosmetic consultations are always complimentary. 

Why the Fall is the Best Time to Begin your Laser Hair Removal Treatments


ly arms up transparentThe wonders of science and technology have produced state of the art laser hair removal treatments, such as the SCITON BBL, which can have your skin feeling smooth and silky in just a few months.

If you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and become hair-free throughout the year without shaving, waxing, or dissolving creams (oh, joy!) some planning is necessary.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Why You Should Plan to Begin Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment Series in the Fall
  • The Weird Science of Laser Hair Removal
  • Why Laser Hair Removal Doesn’t Work on Everyone 
  • The Hidden Health Benefits of Laser Hair Removal 

Why You Should Always Plan to Begin Your Laser Hair Removal in the Fall

For many of us, autumn is our favourite season. Cooler temperatures, gorgeous golden colours, spicy lattes, and beautiful boots are everything right now.

We’re enjoying the season’s latest styles and keeping warm with cuddly sweaters and big scarves, and probably not overly concerned with hair that grows where we don’t really want it growing. It’s covered with clothing most of the time anyway, right?

But remember that necessary planning we mentioned? You actually need to start now to be bikini-ready for summer!

You will need 5 or more treatments, spaced a few weeks apart.

Each hair has three phases of growth: 

  1. A phase when hair is actively growing, 
  2. A second non-growth phase, and 
  3. A third, resting phase where no hair follicle is present.

 Also, hair does not grow at the same rate in every location on the body. This variance means that the SCITON BBL® can only remove the hair that is in an active growth cycle, so multiple treatments are needed. Subsequent treatments catch emerging hair growth until, eventually, all the follicles are destroyed. 

Your summer tan will have subsided in the fall – and that is important.

ly legs beach

Your natural skin tone without a tan is the very best skin condition for laser treatment. Sunbathing and tanning beds – even topical tanning creams – are a no-no for at least four weeks before laser treatments begin. If your skin is tanned, the laser cannot target the pigment of the hair, and treatment will be less effective. Furthermore, lasering skin that is tanned can be unsafe. That being said, naturally darker or olive skin tones can still be treated safely and effectively. During your consultation with us with us, your skin type will be assessed, and we will work collaboratively with you to plan the best course of treatment.  

Your treatments can work undercover in the fall. 

It’s easier to avoid using other hair removal methods when you can cover up with cozy fall sweaters, tights, and long-sleeved tops. Plucking, waxing, electrolysis, and cream depilatories can disturb the hair follicle and should be avoided for at least four weeks before laser treatment. Shaving is fine, because the follicle remains intact beneath the skin surface – only the top part of the hair is removed during shaving.

Exposing less skin daily in the cooler fall temperatures gives your laser treatments the chance to do their best work while the treatment areas are hiding beneath fall clothes and being protected from the sun’s rays.

The treatment area will be photosensitive.

You may be lamenting the loss of the warm summer weather but, after your treatment has been completed, your skin will be photosensitive. When exposed to sunlight unprotected (without sunscreen or protective cover), your skin is more likely to sunburn. Darker skin tones may be at risk of developing hyperpigmentation (brown spots) around the treated area if the area is exposed to UV too soon after treatment. Hyperpigmentation is usually not permanent, and can be prevented with proper pre- and post-treatment care. 

The overcast skies and cooler fall weather will help keep your skin feeling fresh and comfortable after your treatment. 

You will be bikini-ready in time for your spring break getaway or destination wedding!

By the time your spring vacation comes around, your skin will be much smoother and ready for your favourite swimwear, lingerie, and breezy summer dresses. You can leave your razor at home and worry not about daily shaving touch-ups, irritating ingrowns, and painful razor rash!

ly ipl1 The Weird Science of Laser Hair Removal

Our skin is a complex, multi-layered organ that demands and deserves excellent care. UV rays from the sun affect the skin in many ways. People who have very fair complexions are prone to sunburn, while others who have more melanin in their skin will naturally tan with ease.

Suntanned skin is often too dark for laser hair removal, which is why we ask you to wait at least 2 – 4 weeks after exposure to UV rays (including tanning beds) before starting treatments. As topical tanning solutions also darken the skin temporarily, these must be avoided as well. 

Our SCITON Broad Band Laser (BBL) technology targets the melanin (pigment) within the hair follicle. Dark hair on lighter skin responds best to laser hair removal, but there are laser hair removal options for people of various skin tones. The hair must have some pigment in it to be treated effectively – blonde, red, white, and grey hairs do not respond to treatment. 

How it works.

The Sciton BBL device pulses an intense beam of light directly into the darker pigment of the hair follicle, which absorbs the light and is either damaged or destroyed, thus significantly slowing hair regrowth.

ly legs isolatedNot Everyone is a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal 

As we mentioned earlier, there needs to be pigment present in the hair follicle in order for it to be treated effectively. If the hair is pale, blonde, red, grey, or white, laser hair removal likely will not be effective. Very dark skin tones are unable to be treated. The best way to determine if you are a candidate for laser hair removal is to be seen in consultation, and have our experienced practitioners assess the area. 


The Hidden Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Just the thought of never having to shave, wax or dissolve away unwanted hair again might relieve you of worry and anxiety, but there are even more benefits to laser hair removal treatments! 

No more ingrown hairs or folliculitis. The condition that causes inflamed, red, itchy bumps in the hair follicle, especially after shaving or waxing, will be a thing of the past. Your bikini line, underarm area, and legs will be smooth and clear.

Perspiration and resulting bacterial odour diminish, and your deodorant products are more effective when underarm hair is removed with a laser.

No more “pre-waxing” growth. This is a significant bonus for those of us with coarse, dark hair. “Grow it before you wax it” is the dreaded order and one that keeps us under wraps even as the seasons change to warmer temperatures. With laser hair removal, you can say good-bye to pre-waxing grow-outs.

And to waxing, too. Ouch!



For Our Busy Sidney Moms—Do You Need A Break?

As a busy mom, we understand that time is limited. At LiveYoung Medical, we have put a list of ideas to help you feel rejuvenated, even when time is of the essence.

LiveYoung Medical busy Sidney mom

Are you a busy Vancouver Island mom? As mothers, we tend to get caught up with all of our responsibilities and forget to take some crucial time out for ourselves. It is not selfish to spend a little bit of time away from your children, and it is actually proven that women who take a little bit of time out of their busy schedules for themselves are much more patient and happier around their kids. 

If this alone time means having a massage, or even a simple manicure, using the one or two hour(s) away from real #momlife will improve your overall mood and energy. 

At LiveYoung Medical, we offer a wide range of services that are great for moms on the go and love making sure they feel pampered and special. Today, we are going to talk about services or ideas we have that that will make our Vancouver Island moms feel more energized, relaxed, and happy!

Keep Calm and Facial On!

Medical-grade facials and photofacials are great beauty treatments to make the tired mom feel rejuvenated! The benefits of facials are endless, and there are so many different options when choosing which facial is best for you. 

We often recommend a Glow Peel, Microdermabrasion, or IPL Photorejuvenation (often referred to as “photofacials”), to our busy bee moms. These facial services focus on rejuvenation and making your skin come back to life. Moms love these due to their recurring lack of sleep, having little time spent on skin care, and stress! 

Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair—From Head To Toe

Let’s face it, when you are busy and have a million things to do, waxing or shaving your legs takes a back seat. It’s commonly why so many moms are forced to wear tights or yoga pants…sound familiar? Laser hair removal, done with our Sciton BBL device, targets the hair follicles below the skin surface with each treatment. Over time, the treated follicles fall out of the skin, and re-growth becomes significantly less. Over a series of sessions you will notice that, not only are you hair-free, but the surface of that area becomes smoother overall. The best part is that the treatments are quick, painless, and require no downtime. 

Eat. Sleep. Skincare. Repeat.

If you cannot come in for treatments, our skin health experts can provide you with product advice and help towards creating a skincare regime just right for you. At-home skincare goes a long way and, in fact, should be considered the first step towards achieving optimal skin health and beauty. We carry premium-quality skincare products that are designed to treat various issues, such as aging skin, loss of collagen, texture irregularities, sun spots, redness, and acne. Our favourite brands include Colorescience, Skinceuticals, ProDerm, EltaMD, AlumierMD, Skin Medica, and ZO Skin Health. 

We are able to recommend products to suit your individual skin health needs and concerns. You will notice a major difference in your skin, with minimal effort. 

Read about some of our favourite products from these brands and why we think they are great. 


Using a combination of dermal fillers is a perfect way to lift the physical appearance of stress and fatigue on your face. At LiveYoung Medical, Dr. Sweeney always aims for a natural look, being very particular of how much filler is used to ensure that the patient is refreshed and looks younger. 

Our most popular treatment is SoftLift ®, which is the combination of BOTOX® Cosmetic and  JUVEDERM®. This treatment will give you a refreshed, rejuvenated look in one hour, with minimal, if any, discomfort. Typically, BOTOX® is used to relax frown or stress lines, and JUVEDERM® helps to restore facial hollows, enhance or beautify features such as cheeks and lips, and lift the jawline and lower face. 

We know how busy and full life can be. With that said, self-care is important. Let us help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated in time for back-to-school season. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule, and ensure that your time with us is relaxed and carefree. 

If you have any questions about our services or would like to set up an appointment, at LiveYoung Medical, please contact us either by phone or email. Thirty-minute cosmetic consultations are always complimentary. 

We look forward to meeting you, or seeing you again, soon! 



Get Pampered in Sidney, B.C.

Have a little downtime, get rejuvenated, recharged, and pamper yourself in one of Vancouver Island’s finest little towns.

Live Young Medical and Farmers Daughter in Sidney bc


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After a busy summer season filled with events and non-stop kid activities, it’s time for some serious self-love before kicking it into high gear with back to school and a busy fall season. Sidney, B.C. is the perfect marriage between a quaint, seaside bibliophile haven, and a growing gourmand/shopping destination.  

We’ve compiled our favourite must eat, see, stay, and do’s for a rejuvenating, overnight trip to Sidney that will leave you feeling refreshed. The best part? You can enter on Instagram to win an experience that includes all of the below.



See/Do & Shop: MODEN Boutique

Call it a “boomerang effect:” Sidney is experiencing a return of young professionals that have come back to the seaside town to open new restaurants, shops, and clothing boutiques. Devon, the owner of Moden Boutique, returned to Sidney after five years in Vancouver managing the merchandising department for Saje Natural Wellness. She launched Moden, and now curates a selection of beautiful, quality clothing items that are both current and classic.  This is the store where both you and your mom can find an ensemble for work or the perfect chic loungewear that puts your sad sweatpants to shame. We love the Mirage Robe from Gentle Fawn—a beautiful “day or night” floral robe that is glamorous, yet comfortable. The versatile, lightweight accessories from the Australian brand ELK are crafted from wood and resin – meaning they make an impact without weighing you down. Moden is one of our favourite boutique stores in Sidney. Check it out—you won’t be disappointed!


Do: Live Young Medical “Glow” Peel by AlumierMD™

Rid yourself of clogged pores, uneven skin tone, blemishes and dullness with a trip to Live Young Medical for our “Glow” PeelOur skin health experts provide medical-grade, customized peels that are a serious step above your average spa treatment. Peel treatments are amazing for those battling active acne, or who would like to target the fine lines, large pores, and crepey skin associated with aging. Treatment time is 45-60 minutes. You’ll leave with luminous, glowing skin that may feel a little bit warm. There is no associated “downtime” with our peel treatments –  which is perfect if you want that glow to flow with you to your wine tasting (that’s next!).


Eat: The Farmer’s Daughter

A taste of Paris right in the heart of Sidney. Situated on Beacon Avenue, this quaint Parisian-inspired bistro and patio transport us back to the Left Bank.  Owners Jessica and Tom met working at a wine shop and opened the bistro a little over a year ago. The Farmer’s Daughter offers some of the best cheeses sourced from around the world. Although the menu offers many options for lunch, their cheese and charcuterie boards are thoughtfully put together and pair beautifully with wines from a broad selection. Consider a wine flight which already has cheeses perfectly paired to it: We love the “Immortality Flight,” which features three different, two-ounce pours of sparkling wine paired with soft-ripened cheeses.  Now that’s something to cheers to!


Stay: The Sidney Pier Hotel and Spa

This 55-room boutique hotel really does define much of the Sidney waterfront.  The Sidney Pier Hotel and Spa’s remarkable location boasts 180-degree ocean views and immediate access to 5km of seaside walking trails. It is close proximity to boutiques, restaurants, and distilleries such as the beloved Victoria Distillers.  We are big fans of Haro’s Bar, located inside The Pier, for its airy seating and oceanfront views. Bonus…if you are coming from the mainland or the nearby US, The Pier is located just minutes from the Victoria International Airport, B.C. Ferries and Washington State Ferry terminals.


There you have it! If you are visiting Sidney, B.C. or planning on it, this guide will serve you well. 


We can’t wait to meet you (and remember to check out our Instagram contest).






Wedding Preparation for the B.C. Island Bride: Your Guide to Looking Flawless

If you are preparing for your wedding, we have put together a guide of beauty tips you will find helpful to ensure you are looking your most radiant on your big day.  

Live young medical wedding prep guide



A British Columbia wedding is a magical thing. There are so many elements of this province which we call home that contribute to the beauty of a marriage celebration. Just as people flock to B.C. from all over the world to choose their venue for the stunning scenery – think oceanside resorts to sparkling vineyards bordering crystal clear lakes to the mountains and glaciers of Whistler to the white, sandy beaches of Tofino – people flock to LiveYoung to prep for their big day. 

We know our brides, grooms, and their parties want to look their very best for their special day, and it is our pleasure to help them achieve this goal. Are you a bride, groom, or part of a wedding party this summer? Do you want the look of luminous, “wedding day” skin even if you are not going to a wedding? We know we do! As Southern Vancouver Island-based skin health specialists, we have put together a guide of our favourite treatments to recommend to our B.C. wedding parties, including a  timeline of when is most appropriate to be treated to ensure you are looking your very best when the big day rolls around.


What B.C. Bride Beauty Treatments Are Recommended?

Manicures, pedicures, exfoliation treatments, spray tans, and teeth whitening have been pre-wedding staples for years, but sometimes looking flawless calls for a little extra prep. At our Sidney, B.C. clinic, we have got you covered for what to do (and when to do it) to look your best for the big day—whether you are the bride, groom, a member of the wedding party, or a guest. 



Chemical peels—there are many which mention peels) are intended to exfoliate the outer layers of skin cells, revealing fresh, baby-soft skin after your treatment. Peels have been around since the 1800s but now come in a variety of strengths, ranging from gentle (zero downtime) to more extensive (which may require some time to heal post-treatment).  Forget the Sex in the City, Samantha-style after effects, you can tailor your peel to your time frame as well as your specific skin health needs. 

Alumier “Glow” Peel—This is a deeper, medical-grade peel to rid your skin of unwanted blackheads and dry, dead skin. If you are looking to reduce signs of aging, irregular pigment, blemishes, or breakouts, this treatment is ideal with little downtime.

Countdown: One week before the big day.

ZO Skin Health Peel—(the lunchtime peel or celebrity favourite) because there is no downtime required. This peel will give you a nice glow by gently removing dead skin cells and surface blemishes that have no place in your wedding photos.

Countdown: 1-2 days before the big day. 

3-in-1 Revival Facial with Hyaluronic Acid Infusion –  Consider the Revival Facial your wedding triple threat! This combination treatment includes a light microdermabrasion (essentially a vacuum for your clogged pores) and the above mentioned ZO Health Peel to exfoliate your skin in two ways. The third part of this treatment is a hyaluronic acid infusion that penetrates deep into your skin to plump, hydrate and restore volume.  

Countdown: 1-2 days before the big day. 



Microdermabrasion is a type mechanical exfoliation for your pores that removes impurities and aids in cellular rejuvenation. It is gentle, painless, and requires no downtime. The beauty of this treatment is that it gets rid of blackheads immediately (think of it as a vacuum for your pores) and is safe for everybody at any time.  

GROOM ALERT: Men love this treatment. It’s the perfect way to exfoliate the beard and neck area, reducing ingrown hairs. 

Countdown: Can be done anytime, even on wedding day.


IPL Photorejuvenation

Intense Pulsed Light treatments (aka photorejuvenation or photofacials) use the power of broadband light to remove sun damage and improve the appearance of sunspots, redness, rosacea, and age spots, making your skin look younger, smoother and much clearer. This is a more intense treatment as it helps remove imperfections deep within the dermis, below the skin surface. Although a “maintenance treatment” may be required once a year or so, the results seen upon completion of your IPL series are considered permanent. Good skin care and diligent use of sunscreen is imperative to protect your results. 

Read more about IPL here. 

Countdown: 3 months to 6 weeks before the big day. An IPL series usually requires 3 treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart.  

Note: You will need to be totally tan-free (including spray tans) to be eligible for this treatment, so plan in advance.


BOTOX® for Hyperhidrosis 

If you deal with excessive sweating leading to social embarrassment and stains on your shirts, consider having your underarms treated to stop excessive perspiration before the wedding. It can be stressful to think about managing sweat stains or having sweat melt your makeup while all eyes are on you. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem. 

BOTOX® has been proven an effective treatment to help with hyperhidrosis (the condition of excess sweating due to overactive sweat glands). BOTOX® works to interfere with abnormal sweat production by blocking the release of sweat by the sweat glands. 

To learn more about this, go to our blog on BOTOX® and hyperhidrosis. 

GROOM ALERT: An added benefit, BOTOX® Cosmetic can be used to give a more relaxed appearance or a subtle lift. As such, many men enjoy this treatment (Brotox)!

Countdown: Ensure you are treated 2 weeks in advance for maximum effect.  


JUVEDERM® Dermal Fillers 

Injectable soft tissue fillers are ideal for lifting cheeks, plumping lips, and defining and contouring your chin or jawline. Dermal fillers restore a youthful appearance without the costs – both physical and financial – of surgery. Treatments typically last anywhere from 8 months to 2 years, depending on the area being treated and the type of filler used.

Countdown: Two weeks in advance. While treatments typically produce instant results, allow two weeks in case of any swelling or redness post-treatment.


Hand Treatments

Put a ring on it! Your wedding may be the first time, or only time, you have so much attention on (and photos taken of) your hands! Often one of the most neglected areas of the body, your hands may need some extra love before your new husband/wife slips that band on your finger. 

You can literally turn back the hands of time when it comes to hand rejuvenation at LiveYoung. It’s easy, just ask us how!

Countdown: Because hand rejuvenation can consist of a multi-treatment approach, we recommend a consult first to craft an ideal timeline. Consider beginning this process 3-4 months before your wedding. 

Wedding planning can be stressful, but looking your absolute best for your big day doesn’t have to be. Contact us today to book your complimentary consultation and let us help you get started.