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Medically supervised and using the latest scientific research, The Live Young Integrated Weight Loss and Maintenance Program will make the difference in not only losing unwanted pounds but in keeping them off. Unlike other programs, The Live Young Integrated Program combines both diet and exercise strategies in the setting of hormone optimization and sleep and stress management. Additionally, we help identify underlying factors that may be barriers to weight loss and provide individualized, ongoing follow up.

The combination of all of these key components is crucial and is why this program can work for you when past efforts have not.

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An individualized eating plan based on insulin and other metabolic parameters, total weight loss target, personal style, dietary preferences and restrictions, and past dieting history.
Protein, calorie and/or carbohydrate targets are specified.


A customized exercise strategy based on weight and fitness goals, personal preference, geographic location, physical limitations and past physical activity.
Increased non-exercise activity and building frequency and intensity of existing exercise pattern are goals.


Specific supplements and probiotic support for complete health as well as weight management.


Record keeping has been shown to help with weight loss and weight loss maintenance.
We help you avoid a short term mindset, instead, you need a plan that can be adopted for life, a healthy and sustainable plan. We also strive to cultivate a growth vs fixed outlook to help change all or nothing and failure based thinking.


Hormone management using: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, thyroid, GH, HCG depending on your individual requirements. Repeated cycles of dieting may cause weight loss to occur at ½ the rate and weight gain at 3x the rate compared to controls with the same calorie intake. Thyroid replacement, for example, may help counter effects of exercise and caloric restriction on the slowing of metabolism. Estrogen and testosterone therapy help counter insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.


As needed for individuals with medical barriers to weight loss in the context of our comprehensive program.


There are two stages for success: weight loss and maintenance at target weight. We provide regular ongoing coaching, assessment and follow through with visits and follow up physiologic and laboratory benchmarks. Follow up is also to evaluate the compensatory behaviours with food intake and activity expenditure that may occur as a result of a weight loss program.

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