Soft Tissue or Dermal Fillers- Juvederm®

DR. Sweeney  SOFTLIFT Treatment- is a  combined BOTOX with Dermal Filler treatment for a greater impact. Before and After if from 2019 using BOTOX for Brow lift and Glabellar frown lines, VOBELLA for under eye hollows and lip lines and thinning, VOLUMA for cheeks enhancement and temple hollowing and VOLUX  for chin and jawline contouring.

Soft Lift

We age in a fairly predicable way, the facial fat pads, for example, are gradually lost in midlife causing hollowing, sagging and loss of youthful contours.

How JUVEDERM works.

The changes of aging go deeper than the skin, which is why soft tissue or dermal fillers play such an important role in the reversal of aging and enhancement of facial assets. Today, patients want natural looking results with little or no downtime. Combining Dr. Sweeney’s 18 years experience with the versatility of the JUVEDERM family of dermal fillers, patients can be confident in getting a desired natural result with minimal recovery. JUVEDERM dermal fillers have the long term safety and reliability of non-animal ultrasmooth hyaluronic acid. HA typically lasts 12-24 months depending on the specific HA and area where it was applied. JUVEDERM used at Live Young is  blended with lidocaine to  make treatment that much more comfortable

Where JUVEDERM is used.

Treating aging, and more broadly, facial enhancement has developed far beyond the possibility of smoothing lines, wrinkles and folds; these products restore lost volume to the forehead and temples, cheeks, jawline, chin and mouth area. They can also be used to reshape or enhance lips, the cheeks and chin, lighten dark under-eye circles and other forms of eye hollowing and to fill in some scars. Noses can be straightened non-surgically, the brow lifted, mouth Marionette folds and frowning improved, sagging earlobes renewed and bony veiny hands softened

Hyaluronic Acid is also used in other areas of medicine such as orthopedics where it is injected as lubrication for worn out knees, hips, shoulder and other joints.



As with Botox Cosmetic®, Dr. Sweeney has been treating patients with dermal fillers for facial aging and sculpting since 2003. She loves the creativity of this area of cosmetic practice and the delight it brings to patients’ lives. 

The patient below received  VOLUMA, VOBELLA and VOLUX treatment to improve hollowing under the eyes, cheek hollows, frowning and sagging. She was treated with BOTOX to lift her eye brow.  She also had a 3 IPL treatments to soften the redness in her cheeks and nose skin. She looks younger and brighter.


The 4 V’s-  VOLUMA, VOLIFT, VOLBELLA and most recently VOLUX for Versatile Volume Restoration


VOLUX  with Lidocaine is the newest dermal filler from the JUVEDERM family of hyaluronic dermal fillers  that use Vycross technology.  It is Health Canada approved for use in the chin and jawline. It is used to improve definition, proportion and contours, in treatment areas  where projection is needed. VOLUMA has already made its mark as a reliable and versatile filler for hollowing and for lifting sagging cheeks, brows, forehead and jowls. VOLBELLA is preferred for under eye hollows, lip lines and thinning and for lip enhancement. Dr. Sweeney is also very pleased with its versatility in filling other fine lines and for delicate work.  VOLIFT  has found a place in smoothing the lower cheek hollows, nasolabial folds and marionette and smile lines. 

The 4 V’s use an ultra smooth gel for a natural look and feel and safe reliable results.


Softlift Facial Rejuvenation


Treatment Dr. Sweeney  2019. Soft lift:  BOTOX Brow lift, VOLUMA cheeks and temples, VOLUX Chin, VOLBELLA lips and under eye hollows.

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