CoolSculpting® – Selective Fat Reduction and Body Sculpting Using Cryolipolysis.

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After considerable thought and research Live Young Medical is introducing CoolSculpting®, a unique technology that has the scientific and clinical proof that we expect for effectiveness and a track record for safety with over 10 years in clinical use. Cryolipolysis was “invented” following the observation that kids who sucked on popsicles may lose the fat in their cheeks. In this clinical application cryolipolysis is a non-surgical solution for localized fat reduction and body shaping and contouring. Surprisingly 88% of people polled were concerned with excess body fat in specific areas compared with 60% concerned with facial lines and wrinkles.

While CoolSculpting® is new to our clinic it is not new to our laser technician, Sue who has been working with this fat-reducing, body sculpting technology for over 6 years with a Masters Certificate in CoolSculpting® . The key to great results and satisfied patients is experienced assessment and treatment planning. Treatment is tailored to your individual body and goals. Sue can vouch for the value of this treatment from her own successful patient outcomes. CoolSculpting® has been shown to reduce the treated fat layer by as much as 20-25% after a single treatment session. It was the 4th most frequently performed non-invasive procedure in the US in 2019 according to The Aesthetic Society. Globally > 8 million CS treatments have been performed. It is growing in popularity with a 36% increase in procedures performed in the US from 2013 to 2019. Canadian interest has mirrored worldwide growth with over 2 million Canadians actively considering CoolSculpting®. There is minimal downtime which is an important factor for active and busy women and men.

How does CoolSculpting® Work?

CoolSculpting® is a Health Canada-approved medical device. It works by selectively freezing fat cells in the targeted area(s). The cooling affects the fat cells by causing them to crystallize and spares the skin and other tissues. This is because fat cells freeze at a higher (warmer) temperature than other tissues. This selectivity for fat cells is very critical and key to the effectiveness and safety of CoolSculpting®. The frozen fat cells are then cleared from the area and eliminated from the body over the following weeks. Typically this results in visible reduction of the fat volume in the treated area within 6-12 weeks.

Who is a Candidate for CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is an alternative to liposuction surgery for areas where lifestyle measures have fallen short and/or weight reduction is not desirable. It is approved for body areas in people with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or less. And for under the chin and jaw for people with a BMI up to 46.2; it is FDA cleared for laxity in this area which is growing in popularity because of the amount of time people are spending on Zoom and other platforms.

Where Can CoolSculpting® Be Used?

  • Under the chin/jawline*.
  • Abdomen- upper and lower.
  • Flank (muffin top).
  • Beneath the buttock (banana roll).
  • Inner and outer thigh.
  • Around the knee.
  • Breast fat for men (gynecomastia).
  • Bra fat -front and back.Upper arms (bat wings).

*Research has shown that the treatments of the upper neck (submental and submandibular) areas also caused tissue tightening.

The midsection is the most common area treated.

How many CoolSculpting® Treatments will I need?

Most areas require 2 or more treatment sessions depending on the size and the desired outcome. More sessions will be needed if the area is large. The 1st session(s) are for reducing the volume in the area and later session(s) for refinement: shaping and sculpting. The results can be seen in as little as 6 weeks. For some it may take longer with more sessions needed to see the difference. It is hard to predict but almost everyone sees a change in 6 months after adequate treatment.

What Can I Expect During and After CoolSculpting® Treatment?

The 1st step, as in any treatment is a thorough assessment to determine whether CoolSculpting® is right for you. A treatment session may take one to several hours depending on the scope of treatment. There is no need for pretreatment or pain-relieving medication. The sensations during treatment are a tugging sensation as the fat is drawn into the treatment zone, cooling, and tingling.

What if I Gain weight After or During a Series?

The targeted fat cells have been eliminated during the treatments. They will not regrow. Results are long-lasting with improvement still evident after 9 years even with fluctuations in body weight. If you gain weight the remaining fat cells get larger; if there is significant weight gain fullness in the area treated can return. Ultimately maintaining your weight within a reasonable range, following a healthy eating plan, and regular exercise is best paired with CoolSculpting® for immediate and long-term results and a healthy you!

What Can I Expect to Pay?

Pricing for CoolSculpting® varies with the area, some are larger than others, and scope.- how many areas you wish to sculpt. We have employed a very clear payment sliding scale, what that means is the more treatment sessions required the less expensive each individual session becomes. You will receive a quote at the time of your consultation.

What are CoolSculpting® Adverse Effects?

Common, mild AEs: redness, swelling, edema, pain, and /or a decrease in sensation at the treatment site. Rare, mild-to-moderate AEs include visible contour irregularities (0.14%), vasovagal reactions (ie, nausea, dizziness (0.07%), post-treatment anxiety, bloating, and/or pruritis (0.07%). There are no common moderate-to-severe AEs However, a rare and moderate-to-severe AE is paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH). PAH is fat regrowing in the area. The rate of PAH is in the range of 0.025-0.05% of treatment cycles.

How Does CoolSculpting® Compare With the Other Fat Shaping Options at Live Young?

We believe CoolSculpting® will be a better choice. There will be more areas that can be effectively treated that are Health Canada approved with less downtime and no pain. Costs are comparable. Once CoolSculpting® is completed in the neck areas Belkyra® is used to fine-tune the final shape.

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