A guide of our favourite and most recommended products to use on your skin this summer. Your skin will thank you. 

LiveYoung Medical Summer Products

With summer in full swing, we would like to recognize that it is not only the weather that changes. The heat, dryness, and high UV index bring about changes in our skin health needs. We like to place an emphasis on protection, hydration, and exfoliation during the summer. These months are usually packed with visits from guests, family events, vacations, weddings, and more. It is important to keep our skin looking its very best and photo-ready at all times!

Change Your Routine Up

It’s no secret that a trusted skincare regime with carefully selected products of exceptional quality is vital to overall skin health as well as the prevention of age-related changes to our skin. Because the needs of our skin change in the summer, it makes sense that we should consider slightly altering our product regime. 

To make it easier to figure out what you should consider using, we have compiled a list of some must-haves for summer.

Five Products We Love For Summer Are...

1. ZO® Skin Health by Zein Obagi, MD—Exfoliating Polish  

If you want that “JLo” glow, it is important to slough off dead skin cells and reveal a soft, dewy complexion before hitting up any summer event. This product uses magnesium crystals (important to note - no microplastics!) to gently exfoliate dead skin cells away. The end result is soft, smooth skin, a more even tone, and that luminescence we all would love to have.

Zo skin health at LiveYoung Medical


2. Pro-Derm MD™—Hydrogel Soothing Gel for Body and Face

This calming, cooling gel contains plant-based and marine active ingredients with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. It’s a lot of goodness in one gel, making it a necessity in your drawer all year round and your beach bag throughout the summer months. We actually like to recommend keeping it in your fridge for the ultimate skin-cooling experience! Hydrogel is a great way to soothe your skin post-wax or laser or to give dry skin an overnight hydration boost. And while we always recommend protecting your skin from the powerful effects of the sun, if you do find your skin reddened and hot after sun exposure, Hydrogel will calm it down and help repair the damage. Bonus - it’s great for kids, too!

Proderm Live Young Medical

3. Colorescience®—TOTAL EYE™ 3-IN-1 Renewal Care

Consider this your new secret weapon for the post-late-night patio extravaganzas! This 3-in-1 eye treatment brightens the eye area and reduces the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles. This product is a chemical free, broad spectrum SPF 35 formula that is tinted a slightly peach hue to neutralize the purples and blues of a tired under eye area. As an added bonus, the Total Eye applicator consists of a cooling tip to soothe delicate skin and decrease puffiness. 

To learn about the importance of broad-spectrum sunscreen, read our blog on Facing The Sun.

Colorescience at live young medical total eye

4. colorescience®—sunforgettables® SPF 50 Mineral Brush-On Sunscreen

This product is not only a must-have but a must-carry, always! Get one for your purse, your car, your boat, your bike, your back pocket...wherever! This loose mineral sunscreen powder brush is a mini make-up magic wand, with sunscreen!  It’s a perfect makeup companion for touch-ups, but on top of that, it’s perfect for all the hard-to-reach areas to which traditional sunscreen cannot be applied easily. Areas such as the hairline and part, top of the head, back of the neck, and the tips of the ears are prone to skin cancers and non-cancerous skin growths. These lightweight, water-resistant powders come in a variety of skin-coloured shades and are perfect for men, too.

Colorescience powder at liveyoung medical

5. SkinCeuticals—CE Ferulic Antioxidant Serum

SkinCeuticals was built on 40 years of experience researching and developing technologies to prevent skin cancer, making us BIG FANS.  While the use of topical Vitamin C is well-known to solve many of our skin care woes, let’s be honest, not all Vitamin C is created equally. SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic serum is a high-potency triple antioxidant treatment with 15% L-ascorbic acid, 1% alpha tocopherol, and 0.5% ferulic acid.  This powerhouse combination increases your skin's natural resistance to UV damage by eight times while giving you environmental protection. Regular, daily use will boost collagen and brighten your complexion—just in time for your garden party.

Learn more about how antioxidants help with premature aging on our Antioxidant Health blog.

C E Ferulic Vitamin C Serum SkinCeuticals


 At LiveYoung Medical, in Sidney, BC, we are experts in skin health and passionate about designing personalized skin treatment plans. No two patients have identical concerns, and it is important that your regime is personalized to your specific needs and goals.  If you have any questions about these products or your specific skin concerns, please contact us today.




A closer look into the definition of Hyperhidrosis and what can be done to treat it.

Live Young Medical Botox and Hyperhidrosis



Hyperhidrosis is the term used for the medical condition of excessive sweating that is triggered by causes such as anxiety, rather than by normal homeostasis or body temperature control. It is typically an unpredictable and excessive amount of sweat, to the degree that it interferes with normal day to day functioning. It mainly occurs on the face, underarms, palms of the hands, and the soles of the feet.

This condition is often debilitating to people suffering from it, as it can cause embarrassment and social anxiety. The good news is that it can easily be treated. Both men and women seek treatment for hyperhidrosis, and treatment at LiveYoung is quick and relatively painless.

A Closer Look Into Hyperhidrosis:

Hyperhidrosis is most commonly caused by overactive sweat glands. As such, it usually is confined to one localized or targeted area (where the sweat glands appear to be working overtime).

The Canadian Dermatology Association reports that hyperhidrosis affects approximately 3% of the Canadian population. That means that approximately 950,000 Canadians suffer from this condition. Of those, 300,000 have a severe form of the condition.


Hyperhidrosis can have an effect on an individual’s daily activities. Excessive, uncontrollable sweating can negatively impact one’s productivity, confidence, social comfort, and overall emotional well-being. Studies have shown that this condition may affect a person’s quality of life in a similar way to those who suffer from severe acne or psoriasis.

How Can It Be Treated?

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that can be treated under the direction of a physician in several ways. These include topical treatments, surgical removal of sweat glands, or less invasively with the use of BOTOX® Therapeutic. Dr. Maureen Sweeney has been treating patients safely and effectively with BOTOX® Therapeutic since 2003 for a variety of different conditions, including hyperhidrosis.


In the same sense that treatment with BOTOX® Therapeutic blocks nerve signals to reduce pain associated with migraine headaches, TMJ, and other conditions, it is also able to interfere with abnormal sweat production by blocking the release of sweat by the sweat glands. Injecting BOTOX® into targeted areas essentially disables the brain's ability to tell the body to produce sweat.


The effects of treatment with BOTOX® Therapeutic for excessive sweating provide relief for, on average, three to six months.

BOTOX® Therapeutic is approved by Health Canada for the treatment of Hyperhidrosis. Most extended health plans cover a portion of the treatment costs for BOTOX® Therapeutic. 

What to Expect on Treatment Day:

Treatment with BOTOX® Therapeutic involves a series of injections spaced about 0.5 - 1 cm apart, distributed evenly along the treatment area. Treatment is relatively painless, with most patients reporting discomfort ranging from about 1-2 out of 10. Your appointment time will be approximately half an hour.

There is no downtime associated with treatment. Very slight swelling at the injection sites may be observable in some patients, which generally resolves within an hour. Superficial bruising may also occur. Treatment begins to take effect within a few days, with full effect realized at two weeks post-treatment. Patients typically enjoy results of treatment for up to six months and plan for treatment two to three times per year.



If you suffer from Hyperhidrosis and are in or around the Southern Vancouver Island region, contact us today to book your complimentary consultation and see if BOTOX® Therapeutic is right for you. Relax, knowing you can be sweat-free in time for summer!

Contact us to make your appointment today.



BOTOX® Cosmetic was approved for cosmetic use 20 years ago, and for medical use in various forms starting in the 20th century. Read on to learn about the history and uses of our most popular cosmetic treatment!

Live Young BOTOX


When people hear the word “Botox”, there seems to be a common misconception that its only usage is to treat or prevent wrinkles. The truth is that BOTOX® Cosmetic has other benefits, as does BOTOX® Therapeutic®.

To clarify further on this popular injectable, we put together a little guide about BOTOX®.


The History of BOTOX®


BOTOX® has been used as a cosmetic treatment since 1992 and has been approved in Canada for cosmetic use since 1999. Although it came to be used cosmetically at this time, it should be noted that research for uses of BOTOX® in medicine began in the 1970s. In 1978, it was approved to be tested in surgery. As such, it has been tested, studied, and documented for many decades.

Interestingly, BOTOX® was actually first found to be useful in ophthalmology to treat muscle spasms in the eye area. Patients and their treating doctors began to notice that treated areas resulted in a smoothened, relaxed appearance and an enhanced cosmetic outcome. Because of this, the use of BOTOX® transitioned into the cosmetic purposes we see today.

Dr. Maureen Sweeney has been treating patients with BOTOX® since 2003. 


What Exactly Is BOTOX®?

BOTOX® is a purified protein that temporarily relaxes muscles and softens muscle movement. It is commonly used for the treatment of dynamic wrinkles and undesirable facial expressions caused by active muscle movements, such as frowning and squinting. To learn more about the safety and the treatment, click here.

Benefits and Uses for BOTOX®



BOTOX® has been used by Dr. Sweeney for advanced facial sculpting in the neck for prominent platysmal bands and horizontal lines, in the lower face for vertical lip lines, chin lines and pebbly texture, to soften marionette lines, and to lift the frown from the corners of the mouth. It can also be used to lift the brow, sharpen the jawline, and to smooth the lines around the eyes and on the forehead.


BOTOX® can be used either alone or in combination with dermal fillers such as JUVEDERM®. SOFTLIFT™ refers to the combination of BOTOX® and JUVEDERM®. The benefits of Juvederm® are immediate and typically last up to two years.  It provides a natural lift in areas where the skin may have lost laxity and restores lost volume to bring back a more youthful appearance.


It’s been demonstrated that the effect of BOTOX® when used at regular intervals (average is about every 4 months), can help prevent more permanent lines and wrinkles. In Dr. Sweeney’s practice, preventative treatment begins when the patient is ready. Many patients begin treatment with BOTOX® in their 20s-30s, which is very effective from a prevention standpoint.


BOTOX® Does More Than Fix Wrinkles...

BOTOX® is among the most studied pharmaceuticals. Recent research shows that it also works to reverse skin aging through increased collagen production and reduced activity of the enzyme that breaks down collagen. It also improves circulation and sebaceous gland density in the skin leading to a hydrated, thicker looking skin in treated areas. A study series of 5 subsequent treatments demonstrated that skin thickness improved sequentially with repeated treatments.



There are many therapeutic applications to BOTOX® as well, which are used in many different avenues of medicine and surgery. Dr. Sweeney was trained in the use of BOTOX THERAPEUTIC® in 2003. As such, she is able to use it to treat temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain, migraine headaches, teeth clenching, neck and back pain (from muscle tension), and hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration) of the underarms, palms, and soles of the feet.  

To learn more about these treatments, visit our BOTOX® Therapeutic page.


Yes, Men Use it Too!

The use of BOTOX® in men is becoming increasingly common (you may have heard the term “BRO-TOX”). The truth is, we see men having the same issues with wrinkles as women do. An ever-increasing number of men are enjoying the effect of having a more relaxed, less angry, less sad-looking, more youthful appearance.

The Brilliant Distinction Program

If you are thinking of receiving BOTOX® or JUVEDERM® dermal fillers, you should be aware of the Brilliant Distinctions Program. Allergan, the maker of BOTOX® and JUVEDERM®,  is currently offering $100 coupons to patients who have not yet had treatment with JUVEDERM®, or who have not yet signed up for Brilliant Distinctions (BD), Allergan's loyalty program. If you miss the June 30th, 2019 deadline for this coupon, it is still beneficial to sign up. BD members earn points with each treatment, which may be redeemed for a monetary value towards future treatments. Contact us for more details.




You can be confident that your treatment at Live Young Medical will deliver significant, natural-looking results at the hands of expert medical personnel.

Contact us to learn more about BOTOX® or to book your appointment today.





Whether consuming them in our diets or applying them topically, antioxidants are important to our overall health and the health of our skin.

LiveYoung Medical antioxidant health



By now, most of us have heard that antioxidants are very important to our health and well-being. This is true. However, we want to delve into this a bit further. This blog explains the “how and why” of antioxidant protection, and which specific antioxidants you can benefit from.


What Are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are substances that can prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals, which are unstable molecules that the body produces as a reaction to environmental and other pressures or stressors. If the body cannot process and remove free radicals efficiently, oxidative stress can result, which leads to cellular and DNA damage. This destructive action can be extremely detrimental to your health, and lead to a multitude of diseases and ailments.

Oxidative stress is linked to heart disease, cancer, arthritis, stroke, respiratory diseases, immune deficiency, emphysema, Parkinson's disease, premature aging, and other inflammatory or ischemic conditions.

Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals in our bodies, thus boosting our overall health.

Now that we understand what antioxidants and why they are important it is important to discuss the sources and benefits.


Antioxidants in The Diet

Consuming antioxidant-rich food may help to decrease the risk of free radical damage and oxidative stress. Most sources of antioxidants are plant-based and natural sources. This includes mainly a wide array of colourful fruits and vegetables.

Antioxidants are also known to be abundant in green tea, black tea, nuts, wine, dark chocolate, as well as brightly coloured fruits and vegetables. Detailed below is a list of powerhouse antioxidant with an abundance of known benefits. Consuming a varied diet which contains plant-based foods can enhance your ability to fight off free radical damage, however, it is important to keep in mind that as little as 5% of the antioxidants we consume may reach our skin. For this reason, it is important to apply topical antioxidant protection every day to enhance skin health and function.


Antioxidants For Your Skin

Antioxidants can also be used topically and are also found in some skincare products. However, each one has a unique function. We are going to discuss some of the most popular ones that can be used on your skin and why.  


This is one of the most studied antioxidants. Other than being a free radical scavenger, vitamin C (https://www.liveyoung.ca/about/blog/257-squeeze-vitamin-c-into-your-skin-health-regime-not-just-your-morning-juice) has other skin health benefits, such as boosting collagen production and fading dark spots. It also boosts the protective effect of your sunscreen by enhancing your skin’s natural UV resistance by up to 8x.


If there’s one anti-aging ingredient that’s been proven time and time again to help turn back the clock on aging skin, it’s retinol. A derivative of vitamin A, it has the ability to penetrate deep enough into the skin that it can effectively stimulate collagen production and accelerate cell renewal and repair, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and improving skin tone in the process. To learn more about our favourite retinol product click here.


Vitamin E is an important vitamin required for the proper function of many organs in the body, including the skin. Aside from being a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E is widely recognized for its ability to accelerate the skin’s healing process. No wonder it is often found in moisturizers, creams and lotions formulated to treat dry skin as well as products designed to reduce stretch marks.


A chemical compound found mostly in the skins of fruits like grapes and berries, peanuts, tea and red wine. It’s an antimicrobial substance produced by plants to protect themselves from air pollution, infection, intense UV radiation and extreme climate changes. Therefore, it is thought to help protect our skin in the same way it does the skins of plants. Some studies also say it has cancer-fighting abilities.  


As we age, the presence of coenzymeQ10, also known as ubiquinone, in our body slowly decreases, making us more susceptible to wrinkles and photoaging. Research shows that an increased topical application of this antioxidant helps fight off free radical damage and keep your skin cells healthy. This nutrient is easily absorbed by the skin and helps stimulate collagen production, which helps improve elasticity and texture.


Water-soluble and suitable for all skin types, niacinamide (also known as Vitamin B3) is often used to treat skin conditions like rosacea and acne and is not known to cause any adverse reactions. It can even be combined with your favourite skin care products and ingredients, like vitamins A and C, retinol and hydroxy acids to boost their performance. Supplementing with niacinamide is associated with the prevention of skin cancer.


This plant-based vitamin, which can be found in vegetables, green tea, fruits and chocolates, contains chemopreventive properties that have anti-inflammatory properties. Studies show that consumption and topical use of ingredients rich in polyphenol help improve our skin’s natural defense against oxidative stress, prevent skin aging and may inhibit skin cancer.


Dermatologists continue to see the importance of including botanicals in skin care. Studies show that flavonoids, an antioxidant found in green and black teas, have the potential to treat rosacea, reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. They also absorb UV light and modulate signalling pathways that influence cellular function to prevent photoaging and damage. These nutrients also help reduce collagen degradation, delay skin aging and inhibit skin cancer.


Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that aids in cell repair and protection of vital organs like liver, kidney, brain, and skin. It helps detoxify the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, giving you smoother, more supple skin.


What Are Some Of Our Recommended Products?

At Live Young Medical, we carry a wide line of skin care products that are catered around boosting your skin health, contain many of these antioxidants, while also giving you those anti-aging properties. Please see our product page to learn more about skin care products and supplements available at our clinic.

Some of the skin care products we find best for antioxidant health include the following:

  • ProDerm Serum C  - 10% pure vitamin C serum
  • SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic - daytime antioxidant and post-procedure protection (neutralizes external free-radicals before they come into contact with our skin)
  • SkinCeuticals Resveratrol BE - night-time antioxidant protection (neutralizes internal free-radicals overnight)
  • Colorescience All Calm, Even Up and Total Eye, Alumier Sheer Hydration, and SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion are all mineral sunscreens packed with antioxidant protection
  • SkinMedica Retinol Complex - an advanced, graduated anti-aging skin health system

To shop these products or to learn more, please contact us directly, or visit us in Sidney, BC.


All of your questions regarding microneedling in one mini guide.

LiveYoung Medical microneedling



Microneedling is gaining popularity as a skin treatment for improving the appearance of scars, fine lines, wrinkles, pigment and melasma, and large pores. It is also used to improve skin lines and laxity. Overall, our patients are seeing impressive results with microneedling, and with good reason.  Learn more about the benefits of microneedling.

We want to give you a little guide into what Microneedling is, exactly, and why it is important to seek a skincare expert for advice and treatment.

At LiveYoung Medical, we actually refer to microneedling as “Microneedling CIT.” This is a more accurate term for the treatment itself with CIT being short for Collagen Induction Therapy.

How Does Microneedling CIT Work?

Tiny needles are directly inserted into the skin via an electronically-powered device, causing a series of microchannels within the skin. This action stimulates the body’s natural wound-healing response, which ultimately causes the release of various growth factors. As this occurs, deep into the layers of the skin, the formation of brand new collagen and elastin is stimulated.

As new collagen and elastin are formed, it improves the overall laxity of the skin, leaving the skin appearing more youthful, and improving the overall appearance.  

Microneedling is not just for aged skin, however; It can also be used preventatively to help with premature aging of the skin as well.

What Can I Expect In A Microneedling CIT Treatment?

The entire clinic visit lasts about one hour. On treatment day, please be prepared for the following:

  1. Prior to beginning your treatment, you will be asked to tie your hair back or wear a hairband and cleanse the skin of the treatment area. A gentle cleanser and washcloths will be provided for you. If it is your very first treatment, clinical photos will be taken beforehand, so that your treatment provider may perform a skin analysis. Your photos become part of your private medical record and are not available for anyone else to see.
  2. Before starting the procedure, a topical numbing cream will be applied to your skin, to minimize any potential discomfort. Numbing typically takes 30-45 minutes.
  3. After the numbing agent is removed and your skin is thoroughly cleansed, we will begin the needling process.
  4. A serum will is used during treatment for glide and for the delivery of active ingredients below the skin surface. The type of serum used depends on your individual skin health needs. Microneedling allows for deep delivery of active ingredients into the skin.
  5. Immediately post-treatment your skin will be red and may feel a bit tight. This is normal and usually resolves within 48 hours, depending on the depth of treatment.
  6. As your skin heals, you can expect some light flaking and shedding of the skin. This is completely normal and usually occurs on days 3-5 post-treatment.   

Choose Where You Do Microneedling Wisely.

There are two main things to consider when choosing where to get your microneedling treatment:

  1. A clinic that has highly trained, experienced practitioners performing treatments
  2. A clinic that utilizes only the best equipment, devices, and products


At Live Young Medical, Dr. Sweeney and Sarita, Clinical Nurse, are both trained specifically in skin assessment and the delivery of therapy involving medical microneedling. This level of qualification sets apart your treatment from one at a spa. Under the guidance of medical professionals, your needling treatment can be deeper - targeting deep pigment, melasma, and old, dysfunctional collagen (think scar tissue). The medical professionals of LiveYoung will be able to provide you with a comprehensive skin analysis and discuss with you in depth your wishes and concerns for treatment.

LiveYoung proudly owns the ACS Pen, a Swiss-made, state of the art device that is backed by over 30 years of science and research. One of the key features of the ACS Pen is it's linear (vs. circular) needle design, which allows for minimal tissue damage, higher accuracy, and a more controlled and comfortable treatment.

Note: Microneedling CIT is not typically associated with significant downtime or any potential severe side effects.



At LiveYoung Medical, in Sidney, BC, we are a medical (doctor and nurse) team. You can trust that we will give you the best care and sound advice when it comes to your skin health needs and concerns.

For any questions regarding microneedling, or to book a consultation, please contact us directly.


During the last month leading up to summer, it is important to discuss melanoma and skin cancer prevention.

LiveYoung Medical Melanoma awareness


May is melanoma awareness month.

At Live Young Medical, in Sidney BC, we are very much committed to our patient care, which in turn leads to patient education. As summer approaches, we would like to bring awareness to skin cancer detection and prevention.


First Let’s Discuss: What is Skin Cancer?

There are three types of skin cancer that are most common and come from the three main cell types in the skin: melanocytes, basal cells, and squamous cells. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV) from sunlight is the number one cause of skin cancer because it damages these cells.

There are two broad groups of skin cancer that result from UV exposure: melanoma and non-melanoma cancer.

What Exactly is Melanoma?

Melanoma is fast growing, may spread from where it first develops and can be fatal if not removed early and completely. Melanoma arises from melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin which protects our cells from the harmful effects of UV radiation. The darker the skin, the more melanin it contains. Moles also contain melanin. Although UV exposure is the most important (and avoidable) risk for melanoma, melanoma can occur in non-sun exposed areas of the skin and on mucous membranes, such as the mouth.

Non-melanoma cancers are squamous cell and basal cell carcinomas (mentioned above). These tend to be slower growing and localized. While less aggressive, these forms of skin cancer are very common as people age.

To learn more about the cause and prevention of melanoma click here.

To learn more about the detection of melanoma click here.


Symptoms of Melanoma

One of the main things we want to bring to light is the importance of being aware of melanoma and its detection. Because many melanomas develop on the skin where they can be seen, they have a good chance of being detected early. If you are diligent.

It is critical to regularly examine your skin for any new or unusual growths, or changes in existing moles. If you find anything suspicious, you should discuss it with your primary care physician, a dermatologist (skin doctor) or healthcare professional.


What am I looking for?

A normal mole is generally coloured evenly (brown, black or tan), and are less than 6 mm in diameter (about the size of a pencil eraser). They can be flat or raised, and generally, do not change over time.


Early warning signs of melanoma

The first sign of melanoma is typically a new spot on the skin, or a change in the size, shape or colour of an existing mole.

Here are some things to look for (known as the ABCDE method) which may flag whether an abnormal skin growth may be melanoma:

Asymmetry: The mole has an irregular shape.

Border: The edge is not smooth, but irregular or notched.

Colour: The mole has uneven shading or dark spots.

Diameter: The spot is larger than the size of a pencil eraser.

Evolving or Elevation: The spot is changing in size, shape or texture.

Please Note The only way to be sure if a mole is melanoma is to have it examined by a doctor.


Other melanoma symptoms may include:

  • Sores that do not heal

  • Pigment, redness or swelling that spreads outside the border of a spot to the surrounding skin

  • Itchiness, tenderness or pain

  • Changes in texture, or scales, oozing or bleeding from an existing mole

  • Blurry vision or partial loss of sight, or dark spots in the iris

If you would like to learn more about Melanoma or sun exposure, we encourage you to contact us at LiveYoung Medical, in Sidney BC about the importance of adequate sun protection.

Contact us to learn more.


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