In honour of Valentine’s Day, we would like to dedicate this blog to the “Hormone of Desire,” testosterone.

Understanding how to use Retinol can be the diferrence between success and wrinkles. Read this list of do's and don'ts and reap the rewards.

The New Year brings fresh beginnings. One great way to make a fresh start for 2018 is to make a commitment to the health of your body and its biggest organ, your skin.

We all know that Vitamin C is “good for you.” It is so good in fact, that high blood levels of Vitamin C may be the ideal marker for overall health. Vitamin C offers protection against stress, inflammation, immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease and stroke, and eye disease. It provides us with immunity to live longer and can truly be considered an anti-aging superstar.

This week’s article, which is dedicated to skin cancer prevention, discusses the benefits of integrating supplemental niacinamide into your daily vitamin regime. Most of us have heard about the health benefits of Vitamin B3 for supporting brain function, helping with joint mobility, and optimizing skin health.

Lasers, and peels, and hair removal, oh my! Fall has arrived and that means it is our busiest treatment season at Live Young.

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