Testosterone For Women: 6 Things to Know

Helps Relieve Painful Intercourse

There are several reasons why sexual intercourse can be painful; it could be because of spasms, menopause, infection or other illness. Every concern is unique and you may be advised of different remedies and treatments by your doctor depending on the cause. For example, a testosterone boost can relieve bedroom pain because increasing levels of this hormone help with tissue thickness and lubrication.

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Can Build Bladder, Vagina and Pelvic Strength

In the long run, the balance of estrogen and testosterone in your body can also lead to a healthier and stronger bladder, vagina and pelvic floor. This is immensely important for sexual and bladder function as women head into their 50s and beyond. Better strength = better quality of life. HRT paired with pelvic floor exercises can minimize dependence on pads and the dreaded bolt to the bathroom!

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Improves Post-Menopause Functionality

Women’s hormone levels dip during menopause, so it’s important to keep these levels in check to ensure you can remain your best and brightest self. You might not even recognize the changes until you realize you’ve hit your 40s and you feel different. Testosterone replacement can boost mental drive and edge.

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Increases Physical and Mental Energy

Although your body will experience several changes as you age, the imbalance and lack of hormones can also cause your mentality and physical energy to alter. A boost of hormones can revitalize that energy on both fronts.

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Helps Maintain Lean Body Mass

Testosterone also has anabolic properties, meaning it aids in the growth of cells and muscle mass as well as the mineralization in bones. These properties will help you maintain a lean body mass, but this doesn’t mean you should forget about proper exercise and diet!

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Won’t Cause Unwanted Hair and Acne

Like with every medication choice, there are considerations. Will testosterone replacement cause changes to your body in unfavourable ways? Fortunately, if the right dosage is prescribed and is maintained with monitoring of proper blood levels, then unwanted hair and acne will be avoided.

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