Repair And Maintenance For Men

Most of you take care of your car or boat or other valued possession with regular servicing. You’d be crazy not to. Yet when it comes to your body and health it’s frequently the opposite. Something needs to break or go wrong before you give yourself the same kind of attention and care.

At Live Young we would like to change that. When it comes to the human body you only get the one you were born with. Once it’s gone, it’s gone- no trade-in. It’s also important to know that once the systems in your body start to break down, medical science is still not advanced enough to bring back what you’ve lost. In reality, once you have an “event”, like a heart attack or a stroke you rarely go back to your previous level of function and health. And most drugs and treatments have their downsides and can take their toll in terms of quality of life. It’s like forgetting to fill up the oil in your car or boat engine and having it seize up. You may get it back on the road but will it be the same? Often not if it’s a health breakdown.

The path can different for you; it is possible to prevent or delay comma age-related illness  with a  simple strategy. A repair and maintenance plan for your body that will not only help you hold onto what you have, but can often take you back to a previous level of functioning or, better yet, to a new, higher level. It’s fairly straightforward: prevent the diseases of aging and slow the aging process itself. This can be achieved by regular screening to detect risk factors for the diseases of aging and by keeping your organ systems functioning at their best through the right diet, supplements and exercise plan and by restoring hormone systems to optimal youthful levels. It is  important to assess and monitor all the hormone systems instrumental in the aging process: Testosterone, DHEA, Thyroid, Growth Hormone, and Insulin. Optimization in all areas leads to a better outcome than focusing on any single system.

Today, it’s not only possible to live for the long term, it’s also possible to do so while retaining a vital and vigorous mind and body. Live Young is not going to promise that you’ll live forever but can promise to help you maintain your health for longer, slow the aging process, and keep you running at your full potential until the end.

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