I’m so lucky to have Dr. Sweeney’s Clinic almost on my doorstep and have had several procedures in the past two years.  I found the staff to be very friendly and accommodating,
putting me at ease and ensuring my comfort. Dr. Sweeney is highly professional with exceptional skills in cosmetic procedures.  A shout-out to Sue and Lainey for their input too. 
Thank you Dr. Sweeney “

Live Young Client

“Dr. Sweeney is a gifted doctor that really understands the anatomy of our facial design which makes us individually look unique and beautiful. She is very talented and confident when using a filler syringe which gives perfect results each time. Just a little boost to your lips but not too much so that it does not look artificial or overdone. Maureen is a true artist and also adds a few
perks here and there where you have not noticed a fine line or she may see an area around your cheekbone that would result in a more defined and sculpted profile if enhanced. She is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone who needs a little boost as we

Live Young Client

“I was in the store line up and someone was looking at me curiously. Eventually she said, “Do you mind me asking how old you are?”. I shared. She replied, “You exude sparking radiant energy.”
Thank you Dr. Sweeney.”

Live Young Client

” I have always suffered from Rosacea and broken capillaries on my face. Menopause increased the problem tenfold. I would not leave the house without a full face of makeup for the last 10 years. After 4 treatments at the Live young Clinic…my skin looks 100% better and my confidence level has increased equally. I no longer wear makeup to cover my skin tone and flaws. I couldn’t be happier with their care and concern for my well being.

KM – Pender Island, BC


“I have naturally sagging, non-elastic skin. What Dr. Sweeney and Live Young Medical Services have done for me: fight off the signs of aging by thwarting the progress of prematurely aging skin and minimizing my wrinkles, well, it’s just amazing.”

Tina Wood Oliver – Talk Show Host


“In my line of work I need to be able to call upon lots of energy and stamina…and more and more I was finding the reserves exhausted. In just two sessions, I feel better, stronger and am more confident than ever. Dr. Sweeney’s ability to explain things so I really understood actually ignited the desire within me to eat better and enjoy a regular exercise routine.”

Tom Watson – Timebenders Entertainment Inc.


“Like millions of women worldwide, I’ve needlessly suffered from severe PMS for most of my adult life. Traditional doctors offered ineffective remedies (which I tried and didn’t work) or psychotrophic drugs complete with stigmatizing psychiatric labels (which I refused since such drugs and diagnoses were demoralizing and off course) as the only viable “medical” solutions.

After nearly 30 years of tolerating this “condition” which was only getting worse as I grew older, I met Dr. Sweeney who recognized that hormone adjustment was what was primarily needed to lessen or eliminate PMS. I’m now virtually “cured” with nearly no symptoms. There are no words to describe how her intervention has changed my life. I’m filled with immense sadness that I unnecessarily lived so much of my life in such torment, and immensurable relief that the veil of constant irritability and moodiness has finally been lifted.

To all those woman who are also needlessly suffering, stop right now and start working with Dr. Sweeney. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain: more of your yourself, your loved ones and your life.”

WJ – Sidney, BC


“Isn’t it great to see a doctor who doesn’t have their hand on the door?”



“Also, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate and how thankful I am to you for all the help you have given me. I find you to be very thorough and very caring. I want you to know that you have made a real difference in my life. I am feeling so much better than I was before I came to see you and most of it, I believe I can attribute to your care and help. Thank You!”



“I just wanted you to know that I have taken your advice from our last meeting a couple of months ago. You were very gracious and led me through some dietary changes that would fit into my lifestyle (with the getting up early for paper deliveries and hitting the gym on an empty stomach). I am having weight loss success for the first time in MANY YEARS and I am down 15 lbs since we met 🙂 Counting carbs really is the key!

Thanks again for you advice and your non-judgmental demeanor. Something just clicked with me about the carb-counting and my success is due to your guidance.
Many thanks for what you do and for the service that you provide!”



“Dr Maureen Sweeney’s caring and compassionate nature really inspired me to look after and nurture myself in a whole new way.

I am so relieved that I saw Dr Sweeney for photodynamic therapy . Like so many people I know, we sun-burned our faces regularly growing up in the B.C. outdoors. As a result I had several areas on my face that were pre-cancerous. After 1 treatment the problem areas are completely gone and several people have actually commented on how beautiful my skin looks. (First time ever!) My skin feels so soft and smooth. I am really happy about the improvements.

I highly recommend Dr Sweeney and Live-Young Medical Services for any treatments that you need. Dr Sweeney is incredibly knowledgeable and up to date with the latest medical information and research. Your care will be highly professional in a very nurturing environment.
At 50 years old I plan to see Dr Sweeney for all of my Anti-Aging treatments. I am just beginning with the many services Live Young have to offer. “

Jane Patrick – Registered Nurse


“I have been receiving Dr. Sweeney’s Botox treatments since March 2003 and I find I need fewer injections, further apart, as the treatment lasts longer each time. I’ve had Botox treatments to my brow, frown line and my crow’s feet. I am so thrilled with my enduring results!”

Mrs. J


“Dr Sweeney listened to my expectations and concerns. She professionally and knowledgably answered all my questions and explained what I could expect from the procedure. I am so pleased with my personalized treatment. It’s a pick up-like a restful rejuvenating vacation”


I have lost 2 dress sizes with lipodissolve. The treatment was definitely worth the transient discomfort. I would rate my satisfaction at 9/10.

Retired Oak Bay resident


Thanks for your help with my weight loss efforts. I’m about six months in at this point. I’m keeping up with the diet (low carbs/no alcohol), taking my hormones and vitamin cocktail twice daily and working out five or six times a week. As my goal is, predominantly, to lose fat (as opposed to gaining muscle mass), I have been giving cardiopulmonary exercise priority in my workouts. Using this approach, I have lost nearly 35 pounds since November.My weight loss has been offset by some increase in muscle mass as well but, that’s all good. I figure I have about another 10 pounds of adipose tissue around my middle and I intend to chip away at it one pound at a time until I reach my 6% goal.

I don’t know exactly how much of a factor the supplements and hormone ballancing plays in the scheme of things but, it’s obvious that, when combined with a proper diet and a sincere exercise regimen I am looking and feeling a whole lot better than I did one year ago. At fifty-eight years of age, I accept the fact that I have to work around the arthritis and chronic tendonitis but it certainly doesn’t mean that I can’t continue to improve. I was pretty impressed with myself when I finally got under the 240 lb mark and decided I’d take a shot at running the TC 10K again. Long story made short; no personal best, I was a little sore on Monday but my knees survived with no complaints and I was absolutely thrilled to be able to do it again.
I’ve attached a couple of shots (yesterday and Sunday) to give you an idea of where I’m at. No “before’ pictures but, believe me, it wasn’t pretty.

Nobody lives forever. However, I believe that one can improve the quality of life in the “golden years” by actively pushing back at the entropy. Of course there’s the potential social benefit of health care savings down the road as well.
Thank you again for your help, Dr.Sweeney. Hopefully, my bloodwork next week will be all thumbs up and I will be able continue on with this journey.

Gary Hamilton


My kids tell me that I don’t look 44, that I look 35 or younger; I no longer look stressed and tired, my eyes are fabulous and bright – no wrinkles! My smile is youthful again, those deep grooves around my mouth are gone . The results have been amazing and have lasted for months. Dr. Sweeney is a consummate professional and very sensitive to her client’s needs and well being.

Anonymous Consultant


As an active, aging and fun loving baby boomer, I am keenly interested in incorporating into my day to day life techniques that maintain my energy level and ensure my optimum health. There are a plethora of anti-aging researchers and practitioners to whom one may refer but virtually all are located in the US.

However, to my delight, I discovered Dr. Maureen Sweeney in Sidney. Dr. Sweeney obtained her M.D. at UBC and after practicing traditional medicine for 13 years undertook training as an anti-aging physician and obtained certification from the Board of the American Academy of the Anti-Aging Medicine.

At my first interview, which was complimentary, I was welcomed to a tastefully designed reception area by Lucy, Dr. Sweeney’s delightful assistant who offered me water and tea while I completed several health questionnaires. By the end of my first interview with Dr. Sweeney it was clear to me that her approach was holistic. Dr. Sweeney assists her patients to attain optimum health through disease prevention, utilizing screening, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, as well as healthy life style counseling including smart nutritional choices, appropriate supplements, exercise and stress reduction.

Dr. Sweeney was genuinely interested in my concerns, clearly on the cutting edge of the latest anti-aging research and provided me with thoughtful, capable and insightful advice. Dr. Sweeney was thorough, unassuming and very generous with her time and resources.
After several appointments, she has succeeded in moving my cholesterol and other important lipids closer to the optimum level by fine tuning the dosage and balance of my hormones and maximizing absorption. In the result, my sleep is greatly improved as is my overall health and peace of mind. I am confident that with the benefit of Dr. Sweeney’s expertise on an on-going basis, I will continue to enjoy optimum good heath and vitality and delay (if not avoid) the problems that are so often associated with aging.

Maria Marson


This past December, 2007 I had reached an all-time low with constant debilitating fatigue, all-over muscle pain, joint stiffness and severe insomnia. The symptoms had been worsening over the last 4 years, with a diagnosis of hypothyroidism a year ago when I had surgery for ovarian cysts and endometriosis. I learned my estrogen levels were too high and added progesterone to my thyroid. By November, 2007 I could not even drag myself out of bed in the morning. Taking my dog for a walk would leave me drained and in pain. I still couldn’t function and I was unable to work, earning only 25% of my usual wages in 2007. I had my first appointment with Dr. Sweeney in December, 2007. I was treated using a 4-pronged system that addressed my sleep disorder, hormone imbalances, possible infectious causes and nutritional imbalances. In less than 3 short months, Maureen gave me my life back!! How amazing is that? Both my husband and I are immensely grateful.

And, the very best news is that I was offered a very exciting management job in February and I realized that I actually DID feel well enough now to take the job! I accepted and moved to a new city and began working mid-March. I am still alive and well working full-time, with a large staff reporting to me and the demands of learning a new job. This would never have been possible without the incredible help from Dr. Maureen Sweeney. My investment in her and the LiveYoung Anti-Aging Clinic will pay dividends for a very long time. The cost and process was worth every penny! Thank-you from the bottom of my heart, Maureen, for allowing me to lead a productive life once again, and for believing that there was a way to help me get better!

P.S. I felt so well just before starting my new job that I wanted to buy some quality make-up and skin products. LiveYoung clinic has excellent chemical free products, which I require for my very dry skin. I wanted to look better because I felt better! I want to thank Lucy for very knowledgeably assisting me in choosing the best products for my complexion. The products are excellent and competitively priced… thank-you!

Diane H. Registered Nurse

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