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We’ll have lots of questions for you the first time you visit Live Young, so please allow at least a half hour for an aesthetic/cosmetic consultation and an hour for your first age management consultation. Dr. Sweeney will take a detailed history, and then advise you about further assessment or next steps and treatment options depending on your area(s) of concern. In preparation for your visit think about relevant past treatments, procedures or investigations; you will be asked about them. If you have not already checked our Look Your Best page, reviewing the services we offer is a good way for you to prepare for your visit.

For aesthetic patients it is ideal if you can arrive without make up. Understandably, this is not always possible and you will likely be asked to remove it for proper assessment. For most treatments a second appointment is arranged for the procedure. Some  plans such as IPL photo rejuvenationThe Secret microneedling RF and others may require multiple sessions. The schedule will be reviewed and planned at the 1st consultation.

If you are attending for age management typically Dr Sweeney will request lab tests or other investigations to be done after the first consultation. A second session will be scheduled after Dr. Sweeney has had time to review your results. During this consultation, Dr. Sweeney will discuss the results with you, explaining the significance and outlining a management strategy. Both your evaluation and age management plan use Live Young’s DESSERT framework.  Part of a customized health strategy may include restoring hormone balance through bioidentical or other hormone recommendations.

A follow up consultation will typically be scheduled 6-12 weeks after your second booking. You will usually have some follow up lab testing before this 3rd consultation. Results and your progress will be discussed with you in detail with Dr. Sweeney.  Further follow up with Dr. Sweeney is according to your requirements and at least annually.


 If you need further clarification please call us 250-654-0383 or email.



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