What To Expect When You Visit

We’ll have lots of questions for you the first time you visit Live Young, so please allow at least an hour for your appointment. Dr. Sweeney will take a detailed medical history, and then advise you what lab and other evaluation required to begin to map out your personalized wellness strategy.

If needed, a physical examination and PhysioAge™ evaluation will be done.

Your second visit will be scheduled after Dr. Sweeney has had time to review your lab results. During this appointment, Dr. Sweeney will discuss your results with you, explaining the significance and outlining a management strategy. Both your evaluation and age management plan use Live Young’s DESSERT framework. For many patients, part of their customized health strategy will include prescription bioidentical hormones.

Yours follow up appointment will typically be scheduled 6-12 weeks after your second visit; you will come back to the clinic to report on your progress with the program you received on your second visit. You will usually have some follow up lab testing before this visit which will also be discussed with you in detail with Dr. Sweeney as well as your progress. Expect to feel some noticeable improvements at this stage!  After that, a meeting with Dr. Sweeney is according to your requirements.

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