Your Skin is a Reflection of Your Health and More

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Our skin is an instant indicator of overall health – of course you want it to glow as a reflection of how well you feel. If your skin has started to show wear and tear from sun, aging, acne or other skin conditions there is much that can be done. These tips and treatments are ways to reverse unwanted concerns and to keep you “looking good”.

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Limit Tanning

First and foremost: cut back on the tanning! Simply by reducing your exposure to the sun, you can begin restoring your skin’s health, cutting back on inflammation and allowing it to do what it does best – heal itself. You can still spend time outside, just avoid unprotected exposure using sunscreens and make up or just cover up- there are now so many great sun-protecting hats and clothing as well as UV screens for every skin type.

Build Collagen

Take extra steps for restorative skin care and use retinoid creams to rebuild collagen. Retinoids aid exfoliation and help to reverse collagen loss; improving wrinkles and boosting skin elasticity and thickness-giving your skin back that youthful firmness that has been lost by sun damage and through the years. Retinoids also fade brown spots and Melasma and treat acne. At Live Young we offer many forms of retinoids because we feel this is the best single skin care treatment and we strive to find a fit for all skin types.

Improve Texture, Sheen and Pore Size

Sunlight makes us feel happier and generates vitamin D but uneven skin texture and color (sun spots, broken blood vessels and Rosacea, wrinkles and enlarged pores) are the dark side of sun exposure. To improve we offer effective fading creams that lighten up dark spots. A series of glycolic acid peels & microdermabrasion “facials” will also improve texture, sheen and pore size. They help remove the outermost layer of skin to allow regenerative HA and other products to penetrate deeper.
This month take advantage of our combination exfoliation and infusion treatment. Revival Facial

Treat Sun Spots and Broken Blood Vessels

Did you know that your hands and neck are among the first parts of your body to show age from sun damage? It’s time to look after those sun spots and broken blood vessels. An Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment can reverse these blemishes wherever they occur. The IPL targets pigment or vascular irregularities to improve texture, colour and reflectivity. You’ll regain your glow by reversing the damage.

Overall Skin Rejuvenation

If you’ve had acne or are looking for tightening and other improvements that Botox, dermal fillers and IPL treatments have not tackled then consider The SmartXide DOT™. The DOT is a technological master in fractional skin resurfacing. It breaks down dysfunctional collagen and promotes the synthesis of new, robust, springier collagen. It is the choice for many types of wrinkles and fantastic for restoring elasticity and treating scaring for facial, neck, chest, hands and even delicate eye lid skin.

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