PeelBAMicrodermabrasion and peels using glycolic and other natural acids refresh the skin by improving its texture and sheen through exfoliation- brightening the appearance and increasing the softness of the treated skin. Consider these as a “medical facial” given to safely and comfortably lift the excessive accumulation of the dull, outermost layer of the epidermis. The exfoliation is followed with a mask to calm, nourish and protect the freshly treated skin. A tightening serum, stem cell stimulator, peptides or other active ingredients may then be applied to the skin. Exfoliation is an important aspect of any skin care regime because it enables the active ingredients and hydrators in the Live Young exfoliation protocol and in your daily skin care products to get to the deeper epidermal cells where they act most effectively.

Microdermabrasion and peels can be used alone or in combination (which we commonly do at Live Young) and as a single or series of treatments. The choice depends on your skins initial condition. Men and women of all ages and skin types can benefit especially if experiencing dry skin and acne. Fair to dark, tanned, oily, dry, sensitive, mature and thinning skin can be effectively treated, the key is using an individualized approach. Even patients with sensitive rosacea can add a peel series to their program.

Settings where these are a great treatment choices are acne flares, end of summer or sun holiday dullness, winter dryness, and as a quick skin refresh before a wedding, interview, reunion or other an important event. The face is the most commonly treated area, however the chest and hands benefit equally well. Microdermabrasion can also be used as pre-treatment before photodynamic and SmartXide DOT™ treatments, and to speed recovery after IPL photorejuvenation. And combined with Blu U can relieve an acne flare.