“Tech Neck” and Pre-Mature Skin Aging

In an era where many of us spend more times interacting with our screens than with each other, “Tech Neck” is as real of a thing as people going to rehab for smartphone addiction. Constant bending of our heads to look at our devices has caused not only an epidemic of neck and upper back pain observed widely in physician’s and chiropractors offices around the world, but also a phenomenon in aesthetic medicine where practitioners are seeing neck skin aging prematurely. It is not uncommon for women even as young as mid-twenties to seek out cosmetic procedures to remedy wrinkles, lines, and skin laxity of the neck, jaw, and under-chin areas.

The good news is, some things can be done not only to alleviate chronic pain related to excessive screen time but also to rejuvenate your skin. Read on to learn about ways that you can click the backspace key of aging, and reboot your skin!

1. Body Positioning and Phone Positioning 

Changing the angle at which you are looking at your phone/tablet/computer screen is the number one thing to do, to facilitate a healthy, pain-free spine as well as neck wrinkling. Looking down invariably causes the skin of your neck to fold repeatedly, expediting wrinkle formation and causing the surface to lose elasticity. Eye-level screen gazing is an essential part of preventing Tech Neck-related pain, stiffness and wrinkles. Ensure you are holding your device at eye-level, in other words, bring your phone or tablet up to your face rather than hunching over or looking down at it. If you sit at a desk all day at work, consider getting a standing desk. Pay attention to your posture – try to stand up and sit up straight and avoid hunching.

2. Microneedling

Microneedling or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) is a treatment wherein the skin undergoes micro-injuries, and a physiological wound response is triggered, causing your body to produce new collagen (the protein in the skin responsible for keeping it youthful, plump, and bouncy). In rebuilding and repairing the collagen in the surface, wrinkles and lines reduced, laxity is improved, and the skin becomes firmer and tighter in appearance.

3. Radiofrequency

Profound® Radiofrequency/Microneedling is a treatment which combines the benefits of deep microneedling with radiofrequency to target deep lines, skin sagging, and laxity, generating new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid below the skin surface. The results are 35% of those seen with surgery. Submental fullness or a “double chin”, while not caused by neck flexion, can also be treated with The Profound®RF and with BELKYRATM.

4. Dermal Fillers and BOTOX®

Soft tissue or dermal filler treatments for horizontal “necklace” lines, Marionette lines, jowls, and jaw and chin definition with JUVEDERMTM are a preferred choice because results are immediate and with little downtime. BOTOX® treatment such as the Nefertiti Neck Lift sharpens the jawline. Injections placed lower in the neck; BOTOX ® can also soften the necklace lines and vertical muscle (platysmal) bands.

5. Skincare

Treating the skin on your neck with the same care and respect as you do with your face is of the utmost importance. Our neck skin is fragile and often experiences more photodamage than our face, making it more susceptible to ageing. Skin care products such as retinol, high concentrations of peptides, and antioxidants such as topical Vitamin C should be applied to your neck and chest daily, as you do with your face. When applying the product to your neck, sweep it upward from your collarbone to your jawline to avoid stretching your neck skin. Don’t forget to apply the product to the back of your neck as well, to prevent the skin there from ageing and falling forward. Always remember your sunscreen!

6. Yoga

Certain yoga postures (think “cobra” and “downward facing dog”) and stretching can alleviate neck, shoulder, and upper back pain caused by excessive screen time. Getting into a stretching routine, even while at your desk, will remind you to move frequently and look up from your device(s) every once in a while. Try standing up and walking around a bit once each hour. Always be aware of your body position, and use your devices mindfully.

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