LiveYoung provides the following non-surgical fat reduction therapies in our Sidney clinic. Study the treatments below to determine which might be best suited for your particular situation, or call our office and we will help you decide on the most appropriate procedure.



Banish the double chin forever!

This clinically proven new therapy was approved in Canada just last year, and the result has been a steady increase in happy, confident customers. Belkyra (which is branded as Kybella in the USA), is designed specifically as a fat reduction treatment for the area around the upper neck, commonly referred to as the double chin.

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Melt away those stubborn fat deposits!

You exercise and eat well but you just can't drop those love handles or that mummy tummy. Lipodissolve is a fat reduction treatment which is an alternative to liposuction and surgery for spot reduction for most body areas. Our anti-aging, aesthetic consultants would be happy to speak to you about Lipodissolve, weight loss and our related therapies.

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