In my medical practice, I see men about 1/20th of the time that I see women and this has not changed significantly in my 20 plus years of practice. When it comes to age-related treatments that number is even less. This may be because aging gracefully is much more acceptable if you are a guy. But take it from me; the women in your lives will appreciate the attention you spend in keeping yourself looking your best. There’s also a lot of evidence that looking great for your age and stage has its workplace benefits as well.


PROBLEM: Sunspots, redness and other sun damage.
SOLUTION: Photorejuvenation. This treatment blasts spots and other skin pigment and shrinks dilated blood vessels responsible for flushing and Rosacea. Skin tone evens out over 3-5 sessions.
TIME: 15-45 minutes depending on the area
COST: Starts from $300 per session depending on the area
DOWNTIME/PAIN: Brown skin may darken then fade over 7 days. Pain = 2/5

PROBLEM: Forehead wrinkles and frown lines
SOLUTION: Botox Cosmetic. Tiny amounts of Botox are injected into the muscles that cause these and other lines in the forehead and around the eyes.
TIME: 30 minutes
COST: from $300 per area
DOWNTIME/PAIN: No downtime but carries a low risk of bruising. Pain = 1/5

PROBLEM: Under eye and cheek hollows bags.
SOLUTION: Juvederm- a natural sugar molecule in the form of a gel is injected into areas around the eye, cheek and mouth that form hollows and lines that cause a tired or haggard look.
TIME: 30-60 minutes.
COST: from $500
DOWNTIME/PAIN: May cause bruising and swelling. Pain is usually 2/5 with a numbing gel applied before injection.

PROBLEM: Jowls and turkey neck
SOLUTION: SkinTyte- infrared energy is directed into the deeper layers of the skin to contract collagen to lift and tone. Unlike many other laser treatments, this is suitable for all skin types and body areas.
TIME: 45 minutes
COST: $350/session for average area; 4-5 sessions needed.
DOWNTIME/PAIN: mild redness for I hour or less. Pain =1/5

PROBLEM: Leathery skin and acne scars
SOLUTION: SmartXide Dot fractional resurfacing. This treatment sends heat into the skin through extremely tiny holes and vaporizes
TIME: 15-60 minutes
COST: $700 for a small area; from $1800 for larger areas.
DOWNTIME/PAIN: 7-10 days until the newly healed skin emerges after peeling. Pain =4/5 even with numbing cream applied for 60 minutes. Yes, this one hurts but nothing else quite does the job that this does to improve most of the aspects of skin aging, sun damage and scarring.

PROBLEM: Back and other unwanted hair
SOLUTION: Laser hair removal. This requires 6 treatment sessions for the most ideal hair and skin types.
TIME: 15-45 + minutes depending on the area
COST: Starts from $300 per session depending on the area
DOWNTIME/PAIN: Skin may look red for 1-2 days. The hair takes 2-3 weeks to fall out. Avoid tanning though out the treatment schedule. Pain 1-3 /5. The topical freezing gel helps.

For any of these or other medical enhancement treatments, I suggest booking a consultation to discuss your individual goals and the treatment options in greater detail.

Dr. Maureen Sweeney, Live Young Medical, Sidney BC, 240-654-0383,

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