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Skin Care

Deciding which products to use to improve the quality of your skin and prevent signs of aging can be overwhelming. Skin health is a huge industry that is growing bigger and more competitive by the day. Companies put a great deal of thought, effort, and resources into advertising and marketing to ensure their products present as the best, the most effective. But how do we really know where to start, what exactly to use, when to use it, and what really works?

If you have been feeling overwhelmed or confused about how to begin an effective skin care regime, read on to learn about our “skin care starter pack,” the 5 products which we believe are absolute musts for almost everyone.

Sunscreen – Good sun protection is probably the single most important thing you can do for your skin on a daily basis. Luckily, advances in sunscreen technology mean that slathering on your SPF isn’t as much of a nuisance as it once was. Choose a sunscreen that doubles as a moisturizer contains active ingredients to fight conditions such as acne or hyperpigmentation, or is tinted and can be used as makeup. Powdered mineral sunscreens are excellent options for the tips of ears, the tops of heads, and come in a variety of shades.

 *Apply your sunscreen last, if possible, as we want the protective elements of the sunscreen to be the first barrier between the UV rays and your skin. Makeup can be applied overtop to enhance your look – aim to always choose mineral makeups that contain SPF of at least 20.

Topical Antioxidant Serum – Topical antioxidants such as Vitamin C can enhance your skin’s natural protective factors by up to 8x while leaving your skin dewy and hydrated. Vitamin C is also great for lightening pigment and boosting collagen.

*Apply a few drops of antioxidant serum in the morning to freshly cleansed and dried skin underneath your sunscreen.

RetinolRetinol is considered the “gold standard” in anti-aging skin health. Retinol encourages the rapid turnover of the skin cells, ensuring that you are always left with baby soft, smooth skin. It plays a pivotal role in treating conditions such as acne and hyperpigmentation while facilitating collagen production and reducing fine lines and pore size. Retinol remains the most effective ingredient not only for its ability to reverse solar and intrinsic aging but also from a preventative standpoint for its ability to protect against the loss of collagen and elastin, excess keratin production and skin cancer.

*Apply retinol once per day at bedtime, to freshly cleansed and dried skin. Follow with a peptide cream.

Peptides – Peptides are fragments of proteins, and proteins are the fundamental building blocks of skin. Without peptides skin loses firmness and elasticity, leading to sagging, laxity, and wrinkle formation. Applying topical peptides revitalize the protein building blocks and prevents the degradation of your skin. Peptides are non-irritating and safe for everyone to use. 

*Apply a layer of peptide cream in the morning over your antioxidant serum and under your sunscreen, and at bedtime over your retinol. Massage it into your skin for a minute or two to increase absorption.

Cleanser – Last, but not least, good quality and gentle skin cleanser should be integrated into your skin health regime. Soap and water are not adequate and can leave film or residue on your skin. A proper cleanser will rinse clean with warm water. Consider a cleanser that contains a small concentration of glycolic acid to give your skin a gentle daily exfoliation and help dead skin cells and impurities wash away.

*Cleanse your skin in the morning before you start applying products, and at bedtime to wash the effects of the day away. Always pat your skin dry gently. Apply your first product within a minute of patting dry, to lock in moisture.

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