Shaking off The Shackles of Chronic Tanning

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Shaking Off the Shackles of Chronic Tanning

From sunspots to wrinkles, chronic tanning from sun exposure or tanning beds does more damage than good to our delicate skin. Here are six tips to getting your skin back to good health. The first step is knowing there is an alternative: loving your skin at its healthiest and providing the utmost care for your skin!

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Limit Tanning

First and foremost: cut back on the tanning! By simply reducing your exposure to the sun, you can begin restoring your skin’s health, cutting back on inflammation and allowing it to do what it does best—heal itself. You can still spend time outside, just avoid prolonged periods of exposure and cover up. Your skin will thank you.

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Use Effective Sunscreen

If you’re heading out in the sun, ensure that you’re using an effective sunscreen throughout the year. As a general rule, always aim for one that’s SPF 30 or higher. If it’s labeled “broad-spectrum,” check that it will provide both UVA and UVB protection, as the SPF number only reflects UVB protection. And remember to always reapply.

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Build Collagen

Take extra steps to use restorative skin care and use retinoid creams to rebuild collagen. Retinoids aid exfoliation and help to reverse collagen loss, improving wrinkles and boosting skin elasticity and thickness and giving your skin back that youthful firmness that has been lost by sun damage.

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Improve Sheen and Pore Size

Uneven skin texture (sun spots, dark spots and enlarged pores) is an unfortunate side effect of excessive sun exposure. To improve your skin tone, you can use fading agent creams that lighten up dark spots. A series of glycolic acid peels & microdermabrasion “facials” will also improve texture, sheen and pore size. They help remove the outermost layer of skin to allow restorative products to penetrate deeper.

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Treat Sun Spots and Broken Blood Vessels

Did you know that your hands and neck are among the first parts of your body to show age from sun damage? It’s time to look after those sun spots and broken blood vessels. An Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment will fix these blemishes wherever they occur. The IPL targets pigment or vascular irregularities to improve texture, colour and reflectivity. You’ll regain your glow without the signs of aging.

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Overall Skin Rejuvenation

If you’re looking for an overall improvement (even after Botox, dermal fillers and IPL treatments) then turn to the SmartXide DOT™. The DOT is a technological master in fractional skin resurfacing. It uses a CO2 laser to break down dysfunctional collagen and promotes the synthesis of new, robust collagen. It is the choice for many types of wrinkles and fantastic for restoring bounce to facial, neck, chest and hand skin.

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