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The SmartXide DOT™ is a great innovation for patients who have been using IPL, Botox® and dermal fillers who would like to do more for their skin’s texture or for the lines and laxity these treatments may not address. It is also an excellent choice for patients who prefer a non-injection solution for skin rejuvenation. The DOT combines the low downtime and safety profile of fractional techniques with effectiveness approaching that of a full resurfacing CO2 laser – the gold standard in skin resurfacing. The DOT works by safely breaking down old dysfunctional collagen and triggering new, robust collagen synthesis.


The skin becomes thicker, more elastic and healthier. It is the best choice for patients with distressing acne scarring, stretch marks or moderate and severe wrinkles. Because of its flexibility, we can also treat patients with earlier signs of skin aging of the face: sun spots, fine lines, crêpiness, loss of elasticity and enlarged pores, as well as safely treat the delicate eye area and non-facial areas such as the neck, chest and hands, which pose their own challenges. Depending on the goal and area treated, 1-3 treatments may be best and 4-8 days are needed for healing.

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