Hand Rejuvenation – Turn Back the Hands of Time

Aristotle considered the hand to be the “tool of tools.” Our hands are our means of strength, power and protection. They are a potent way of communication with the world around us; how we greet, gesture and signal to our friends and loved ones.

It is said that the lines on your palm can reveal your future. Here at LiveYoung, we are concerned with the lines on the backs of the hands, which can definitely give away your age. This week’s blog is dedicated to 4 ways we can help turn back the hands of time for one of the body’s most important instruments. 


IPL Photorejuvenation can work wonders to reverse photodamages such as hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and age spots on your hands. Treatments take about 15 minutes each and have very little (if any) associated downtime. A series of three treatments will drastically improve skin tone, leaving your hands much more uniform in colour.

CO2 Resurfacing Laser (DOT)

Often, the skin of our hands becomes crepey and lax with age, showing fine lines and wrinkles. The SmartXide DOT works by breaking down old, dysfunctional collagen and stimulating the production of new, robust collagen. In this way, DOT resurfacing can build the thickness of the skin. It also helps to lighten the deep, stubborn pigment that IPL cannot reach.

Dermal Filler

Many people are familiar with the use of dermal fillers in the face to restore volume lost over the years and bring back a youthful fullness to facial contours, but what about dermal fillers for the hands? Absolutely! Dermal filler in the backs of the hands can reduce the prominent appearance of your hand bones, tendons, and unsightly veins. This procedure is quick, quite pain-free, and can be done on the same day as your IPL treatment.  

For the best possible results consider a combination of treatments with supporting skin care and UV protection.

Skin Care

As with our faces, necks, and chests, the skin on the backs of our hands is sensitive and susceptible to photodamage and signs of aging. Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you ever want to know how old someone really is, look at their hands?” We take great care to protect the skin on our faces from UV damage and the elements but frequently neglect our hands. To keep the skin on your hands healthy, extend the same courtesy and care to your hands as you do to your face. Consider the use of retinol to promote cell growth, an antioxidant serum to protect against the elements, and a rich peptide cream at night to build collagen and prevent your hands from excessive dryness. Donning a chic pair of gloves in a UV-protective fabric works wonders when cruising in your convertible and, of course, always remember to protect your hands with broad spectrum hand-friendly sunscreen.

Let us lend a hand to you this spring. Consultations are always complimentary. We look forward to helping you feel and look your very best!


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