Eyes are the Windows to the Soul: The L3 Treatment and More

Thus, it only makes sense to say that eyes are the windows to the soul. They reveal an extraordinary amount of feeling and thought—before the conversation begins. Your eye colour, pupils, eyelashes and the way you squint or raise your brows all paint a picture of emotions. Our eyes may also show feelings we don’t always want to freely share. Unintentional
expressions of fatigue, stress or anger may prompt others to tell us to “brighten up” even on our best days.

But this does not mean that we have to give that impression. We cannot change our eyes, but we can frame them and define other features to make them pop. The “L3”—lift, lashes, lips—combination focuses on
your brows, eyelashes, and lips to make sure the windows to your soul are given
the best stage on which to shine.

Highlighting the LIFT

The Lift refers to a brow lift using Botox Cosmetic®. Treatment relaxes the brow muscles, lifting eye brows and lids which are dragged down over time by squinting and frowning. Depending on desired appearance, a high arched, flatter or flared brow shape can be achieved with individualized injection techniques.

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Livening up the LASHES

By using the prescription medication Latisse™, eyelashes can become darker, longer and thicker. Apply it like eyeliner at night and watch the magic take place within 6 weeks. The enhancement will define and open up your eyes.

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Enhancing the LIPS

After the eyes, lips are the second most captivating facial feature. Enhancement of the oral region includes the use of dermal fillers such as Juvederm™ or Juvederm™ Volbella™ to correct thin lips or asymmetry, add volume and reverse the effects of aging on the lip definition and lines. This will complete the frame of your face and make your eyes pop.

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Putting it All Together

Using the L3 combination of treatments, Dr. Sweeney will work with your natural assets to produce a beautiful awakened look, framed with lush lashes and smooth lips. Your confidence will radiate through your bright and refreshed eyes.

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Beyond the L3 approach, The Madonna Lift, is a laser treatment series using The
SmartXide Dot. It requires little recovery time and can further help with
droopy, crêpe lids, dark circles, and lines that other treatments can not fix.

No matter your eye-related concerns, there will definitely be a treatment that will work for you. Let’s get those eyes shining.

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