Case of the Scales – 5 Tips For Dry Summer Skin

Fortunately, exfoliating and hydrating your skin will also take care of the dryness, but if you know your battle is mostly against the forces of nature, then pay close attention to these five tips. Let’s shed those scales for supple and smooth summer skin!

Case of the Scales? 5 Tips for Dry Summer Skin

Dealing with the heat is troublesome enough, but now you have to deal with scaly skin, too? Not for long! Take the extra steps to prevent looking like a lizard—a little maintenance here and there can easily prevent and get rid of dryness and dehydration. Here are 5 tips to do just that.

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Use a Serum

Moisturizing is vital! You always need to moisturize after cleansing your skin or before going out for the day. However, you can amp up skin hydration by applying a serum before your moisturizer. A good serum is packed with anti-aging nutrients such as antioxidants and stem cell stimulators that promote efficient skin cell replenishment.

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Don’t Forget Lip Balm

We worry so much about our skin yet so often forget about our lips. Our lips are prone to dehydration and flakiness when they are left uncared for. Apply lip balm periodically throughout the day and most importantly, before you head to bed. Continual care equates to less hassle, plus it makes the perfect canvas for lipstick and gloss.

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Keep Hydrated

The simplest way to stay hydrated is to enrich your diet with water and water-based foods. Drink plenty of water throughout the day so that your skin and other organs hydrate from the inside. And if you want that extra skin hydration boost, turn to coconut water, fruits and vegetables that are loaded with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that not only hydrate but nourish and protect your skin naturally.

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Be Generous with Sun Protection

The sun’s intense rays can be quite harmful, so cover-up and stay protected. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least 30 SPF will be your go-to product during the summer, apply before you head outside and reapply every 4 hours, sooner if you are perspiring or swimming. Hats, umbrellas and SPF clothing are alternate ways to protect yourself and don’t forget protective eye wear.

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Cleanse Properly

The heat leads to sweating, clamminess and an overall layer of grime. We’re inclined to shower, bathe and cleanse more and we forget that this strips our body of natural oils. Be cautious of over-cleansing, using hot water and harsh exfoliators, which could lead to further dryness or dehydration. Also, try to pat your skin dry as opposed to scrubbing it. Applying moisturizer to damp skin improved the hydrating benefits by 20-30 percent.

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