Botox® Vs. Fillers

Botulinum toxin (Botox®) and dermal fillers are often clumped together when discussing “injectables” however, there are several ways in which the non-surgical methods of treating fine lines and wrinkles differ.


Botox® continues to be the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment on the market. The biochemical reaction that occurs post a Botox® injection temporarily paralyzes the muscles to prevent nerve impulses that cause wrinkles. Primarily used for dynamic wrinkles, the most common points of Botox® injections are: between the eyes, on the forehead and around the mouth. Fine lines caused by a lack of collagen cannot be treated with Botox® injections. Botox® injections do not provide immediate results—full results will be seen within the first four to 10 days post-injection and last approximately three to four months.

Dermal Fillers

As we age, our face begins to lose its volume resulting in loose, sagging skin. Dermal fillers use Hyaluronic acid and similar products to fill in areas that experience volume loss. By injecting volume back into the face, the skin tightens causing creases and/or wrinkles diminish. Although dermal fillers can be injected in almost any problem area, the most popular points of injection include the cheeks, nasolabial folds, teardrops and lips. Depending on the brand used, filler results can last anywhere between 10 months to two or more years. The most common type of dermal filler used at LiveYoung Medical is Voluma™ and typically lasts two years.

The Difference Between Botox® and Dermal Fillers


Dermal Filler

  • Prevents wrinkles and reduces fine lines.
  • Fills creases and adds volume.
  • Results last three to four months.
  • Results tend to vary; however, can last anywhere from 10 months to two years depending on the patient and product.
  • More affordable than dermal filler per session but needed more frequently.
  • More expensive per treatment, but needed less frequently.

Choosing the Right Injectables

At LiveYoung Medical, we believe each and every patient should be fully informed prior to having a new cosmetic treatment. Along with our detailed information brochures and the plethora of information on our website, each patient also has the opportunity to review any specific questions and concerns directly with Dr. Maureen Sweeney. With 15 years of Botox® and filler expertise under her belt, Dr. Sweeney is happy to answer your questions to ensure you make an informed decision and achieve the natural-looking results you desire.

To learn more about Botox® and dermal filler treatments at LiveYoung Medical, book your no-obligation consultation with our knowledgeable staff today.

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