Botox Cosmetic for Your Eyes – Help Them Shine Bright

Brow Lift using Botox


Our Eyes Speak Volumes.

When we look at someone we are drawn to their eyes first. In a millisecond we have an impression- tired or alert, happy or sad, mad, skeptical, wary, or relaxed and in control.

There are many ways that time and experience can affect how our eyes change. Frowning and squinting, lots of time outdoors, and looking at computer screens can cause the eye muscles to work overtime and the delicate skin of the eye area to wear thin.

Here are a few treatments that can help revive the eye area with reliable and enduring results:

Non-Surgical Brow Lift

Botox Cosmetic® treatment relaxes the brow muscles while lifting the eyebrows and lids, which are often pulled down over time. It also corrects negative messages we may be communicating when we don’t mean to such as being tired, upset or angry. Depending on your desired appearance, a higher arch, or flatter or flared brow shape can be achieved with individualized injection techniques.
Dermal Fillers such as JuvedermTM can be used to boost the effects of Botox to lift the brow and open up the eyes, which can become sunken and hollow. Other uses include softening crow’s feet and minimizing under eye hollows.

The Madonna Lift

The Madonna Lift is a laser treatment series using The SmartXide Dot. It requires little recovery time and can further help with droopy, crêpey lids, dark circles, and lines that other treatments may not be able to fix.

Skin Care- Post-procedure and otherwise,

There are many home care options to build collagen and elasticity and fade hyperpigmentation and dark circles. Consider retinol to diminish crow’s feet and promote the turnover of new, healthy skin cells. For those who are truly retinol-intolerant, choose skin care products that contain collagen building peptides as an active ingredient. Topical Vitamin C serum is a powerhouse antioxidant that brightens not only around the eyes but the rest of your complexion as well.

Finish it off with Luscious Lashes

By using the prescription medication Latisse™, your eyelashes will become darker, longer, and thicker. Apply it like eyeliner at night and watch the magic take place within 4-6 weeks. The enhancement will define and open up your eyes naturally.

No matter your eye-related concerns, there will definitely be a treatment or combination that will work for you. Book a consultation and let’s get those eyes shining.

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