Beyond Diet and Exercise: Other Elements

We all know that maintaining a proper diet and exercise routine is immensely important to our health and happiness, but other elements of our lives require care and attention too. Finding fulfillment in your life can mean focusing on the less obvious aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Here are four other areas that Live Young likes to consider.

1. Relationships

People are naturally social creatures. We require interaction and communication to keep us stimulated. Not all forms of socialization may be your cup of tea, but it’s essential to make the time to sit down with friends or family and enjoy each other’s company.

Tip: Set aside at least one day a month for a group outing or a one-on-one dinner with a friend. Catch up, have fun and make the most of your time with the people you love.

2. Simple Pleasures

Never lose sight of the little things that make you happy. It pays to take care of yourself, so go ahead and treat yourself to something you like. Take a moment to indulge yourself, either by reading, going for a daily walk, taking a spa day or treating yourself to a rejuvenating treatment.

Tip: Make it a daily or weekly habit to do something just for yourself. If it’s something small like reading, having a face or body treatment, or cooking, then create hobby sessions as a part of your weekly routine. If you’re a jogging or paddling enthusiast, make sure that you fit it in.

3. Work and Achievements

Your career can be a big part of your life. For many, it defines their purpose. If you’re on a career path, ask yourself if you’ve accomplished what you’ve desired and if you’re happy. If not, where should you be and what are the steps you need to take to get there?

Tip: When you come home from work, ask yourself what was the best part of your day and think about what you can do to make tomorrow even better. If you’re retired, consider an activity that makes use of your skills and brings you joy.

4. Mental Health

Sometimes we don’t realize when or even why we’re mad or feeling down—sorting out our feelings and emotions can take a lot of effort and time. It’s an essential exercise in self-care as your mental health affects your body, mind and overall happiness.

Tip: Whenever you catch yourself in complete bliss or an off mood, pause and take a moment to evaluate. What is happening in your life that’s making you feel this way? If it’s positive, how can you encourage and continue these feelings? If it’s negative, what can you change about what you’re doing now to make room for positivity?

There’s no doubt that you’ve considered these elements of your life before, but how have you prioritized them? If you feel like one of these aspects of your life is off balance, take a step back—contemplate, evaluate and reassess. 

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