Before and After Dermal Filler

Dermal fillers also are known as soft tissue filler is used to sculpt the face and smooth lines. The treatment lifts and restores youthful, softer facial contours. Thinning and lined lips can be returned to their earlier natural appearance. At live Young, Dr. Sweeney recommends the JuvedermTM family of dermal fillers: Juvederm ®, Juvederm UltraPlusTM, VolumaTM VolbellaTM and VoliftTM. As with all procedures, you should be informed about what treatment entails and choose an experienced doctor such as Dr. Sweeney who has been working with dermal fillers since 2003.


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What Will I Notice After A Dermal Filler Treatment?   

• Youthful cheek, lip and forehead fullness
• Softening of lines and folds around the nose and mouth
• Improved under eye hollows
• A happier, less tired appearance


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Where Are Other Uses for Dermal Filler?

• Ear lobe sagging and gaping piercing openings
• Non-surgical nose job
• Fine necklines
• Chin enhancement
• Hand Rejuvenation

What is the Difference between Botox(R) and Dermal Filler?

Both are options for facial renewal and enhancement, but they work in two very different ways. Botox(R) relaxes selective muscles preventing harsh mobility of the skin and the accompanying wrinkles and negative expressions. JuvedermTM is a biocompatible injectable gel used to plump and smooth the skin from underneath.
The type of wrinkles or sagging you have will determine which JuvedermTM product to use and in what area and quantity. Having a variety of products to choose from allows Dr. Sweeney to tailor the best product to your individual needs. When combined with Botox(R) the combination treatment is known as The Soft LiftTM. The results with this combination are exponential.

What can I Expect with a Treatment?

Typically, patients rate a dermal filler treatment in the hands of Dr. Sweeney as a 3/10. Numbing agents are available if needed for optimizing your comfort. The JuvedermTM products used contain a local anesthetic unless otherwise specified.
Side effects are typically mild and end before the week is done. There might be slight swelling, redness and tenderness for a day or so. Less frequently you may have some bruising or feel the dermal filler under the skin surface. This is not the type of procedure that typically requires time off work. If you have a special event we recommend that you give your treatment at least a week to settle in.

How Long Will it Last?

Dermal filler treatment may last anywhere between 12-24 months depending on the type used and the site of application. Touch-ups are sometimes required for the best results and the interesting thing is that the final results look better after a month.

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