Patient Assessment Tools and PhysioAge™

How well are you aging?

Using the next generation in patient assessment tools, we measure vital body systems to identify how well you are aging. The PhysioAge™ Composite integrates six biomarkers of aging to give a more precise reading on your physiological (biological) age.

While you may be 50 years old according to the calendar, your actual physiological age may be 60 or 45 or something else. Using physiological age as a baseline and tracking it over time provides a clear profile of your individual aging process and can help determine which treatments are best for you and how well they are working. This composite analysis goes beyond commonly used screening and testing for disease markers such as blood pressure and cholesterol levels, to give a more advanced view of your overall health, possibly showing problems before you develop a risk factor or signs of disease. This program can be used by those enrolled in age management or weight-loss programs or as part of a general health and wellness assessment.

Watch this video below to learn more about the six key indicators PhysioAge™ measures.

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