Non-Surgical facelifts from LiveYoung

Jowls, “turkey neck,” “double chin,” and skin laxity are issues many of us face as we age or lose weight. Our bodies stop producing the building blocks which our skin needs to remain tight, plump, and bouncy – namely collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Looking in the mirror, many of us lift and pull our skin taut wondering; “Do I need a facelift”?

In reality, the trend in beauty and wellness is moving away from surgical procedures, and towards prevention and more natural, minimally invasive solutions to reverse aging and boost attractiveness. Many of us do not need surgery, are not actually ready for a face or neck lift, or are not safe candidates. At LiveYoung, we use effective non-surgical interventions to restore volume to cheek and under eye hollows, lift sagging skin, and create definition to improve the contour of the lower face and neck.

This blog and the next two are dedicated to the ways in which we help our patients achieve lift and improved contour in the lower face, neck, and jaw.
You can achieve natural results -sans surgery!

Restore Volume and Create Youthful Contours for your Cheeks, Chin, “Marionette” Lines, and Under-Eye Area.

Restoration of a youthful plumpness to facial hollows in areas such as cheeks and under the eyes is made possible with precise and careful placement of long-lasting, biocompatible, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers such as JUVEDERM™ . Deep creases and folds are softened, erasing your “tired” appearance. JUVEDERM™ treatment in Dr. Sweeney’s experienced hands provides a natural soft lift that can give you back the cheeks of your more youthful days. JUVEDERM™ can lift jowls and sharpen the contour of a sagging jaw line. Treatment around the mouth area reverses a "sad" or "angry" impression, while softening "Marionette" lines. JUVEDERM™ can also create length and prominence in a weak chin and structure to a poorly defined jaw. Botox Cosmetic ®  adds further benefits for pebbling chin contours and frowning.

Tighten Pores and Reduce Lines on Your Cheeks, Chin, Jawline, and Upper Lip.

The benefit that comes with Profound® radiofrequency microneedling (RF) treatment for your lower face is immediate in restructuring and rebuilding the surface of your skin. You will notice an immediate improvement in the appearance of fine lines, crêpey skin, and enlarged pores. In the weeks and months that follow treatment, wrinkles will continue to diminish as the dermal remodeling process reaches full effect. For an added skin-resurfacing benefit, consider combining Profound®RF with SmartXide DOT™ . These two treatments can be combined on the same day, while you are made comfortable with local numbing agents.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog when we will be writing about two ways to achieve lower face and neck tightening, lift, and fat reduction for a firmer smoother contour.