Start with the lightest textured product and move towards the heaviest.


Are the thinnest and are the most efficient at delivering active ingredients into your skin and should be applied immediately after cleansing. Consider an antioxidant serum – Vitamin C is a powerhouse brightening agent which enhances the protection of your sunscreen as well as facilitates collagen production. Choose serums to cater specifically to your skin’s needs: protecting, acne, anti-aging. Always lock your serums in with a moisturizer. In the daytime, apply your sunscreen last as it sits on top of your skin and, if applied first, it will prevent other ingredients from penetrating.

Mineral sunscreens

Come in a variety of shades and often can replace your makeup while at the same time offering SPF 30-50 protection from the sun’s harmful rays.
Allow a bit of time between applying each layer. If you get into the habit of allowing each product to dry (usually just a couple to a few minutes), your products will layer nicely and be the most efficient. Integrate your skin care steps with the rest of your morning routine. For example, apply your serum, have a coffee, apply your moisturizer, brush your teeth, apply your sunscreen, get dressed, apply your makeup. Toss a mineral powder sunscreen brush into your pocket or purse for effective, easy re-application of your sunscreen throughout the day!

End your night with retinol

To help your skin look much younger. As the “gold standard” of anti-aging skincare we recommend this superstar ingredient to almost everyone. Retinol promotes rapid cellular turnover which boosts collagen production, helping to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, unclog and tighten pores, and clear up acne. Put your retinol on after your night cream as moisturized and hydrated skin allows retinol to penetrate more deeply and your skin will be more resistant to irritation.

Ask about your skin care routine the next time you are here. An effective program that fits into your schedule is the best support you can give your injectable and other skin treatments.

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