Other News The fall and winter are the best months for skin rehabilitation, hair removal and vein correction especially if you are thinking ahead to summer or a sun holiday. This is because these usually require a series of treatments and the results develop over time. After 4 years we are finding that a series of three treatments with the DOT, delivers the great results we expected with a single deeper treatment without the long recovery time and interruption to your lifestyle. Book a series of 3 treatments and complete the series before the end of March to take advantage of this seasonal special.

3 x Madonna Lift save $300.00

3 x Face, neck or Decollete save $600.00

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Metvix - A topical treatment for Actinic Keratosis. Have 2 or 3 tubes and pay for only one activation fee.

On Thursday November 29th @ UVic I will be presenting Health is the Greatest Wealth: Aging Well with Healthy Hormone Levels.” If you, a colleague, friend or loved one is interested in attending please follow the link for more information.

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